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Performing physical exercises would keep your body fit and would also revive your mind. While deciding to go for running, you need to carry some essential accessories along with you. For instance, you can carry some fundamental things like shoes, hats, shorts, etc. With the gradual advancement brought in the fitness industry, people are now inclined to use some supplementary accessories as well.  One of such accessories is the running pouch belt. This kind of belt serves the runner with sufficient capacity to stow their essential items like smartphones, keys, credit card, handkerchief, and many more. Based on the pouch belt model you choose, you will be facilitated with varied designs and build quality. In most cases, these pouch belts are equipped with adequate capacity so you would not face hassles while running. Besides, they are comfortable to use and easy to access the inside items. Let’s look at the best quality running pouch belts available currently:


10. Sport2People Running Pouch Belt:


For enjoying any outdoor activities, gym workouts or running, you can do all that in a hands-free manner. There is no need to hold your essential items in hands because this pouch belt from Sport2People is a suitable product. Runners and athletes can safely keep their smartphone and other essentials. In this way, they can solely focus on their running. Availability of two large pockets is suitable to carry all your belongings. It is alternatively referred to as a roomy running fanny pack because it can safely store all your valuables and would feel convenient when worn around the waist.


  • Use of the superior quality waterproof material equipped with a uniquely shaped zipper would retain the dryness of your items. This is regardless of any weather condition.
  • Your phone will be prevented from scratches.
  • It comes with 2 expandable pockets –a large and a small.
  • During the use, it would not rub or bounce.
  • Its length can be adjusted from 27.5″ to 40.5″.


  9. SPIbelt Running Belt: Adult Original Pocket

Prepared in the spacious size, this running belt is capable to accommodate your iPhone, credit card, key, etc. You will not feel overloaded even after stuffing several items inside. Generally, this SPIbelt running belt is found compatible with generously sized phones like phones up to 6.5 inches long. Such phone models may include iPhones and smartphones from Samsung.


  • Superior comfort is offered through the use of stretchable spandex.
  • Presence of the soft elastic avoids issues of chafing.
  • The decent and sturdy construction of the buckles would present convenient gliding for athletes.

8. UShake Slim Running Belt:

Capable to hold most models of smartphones, keys, passport, money, credit cards, and energy gels, this running belt is highly beneficial. You may enjoy music while running due to the included earbud hole. Generally, this slim belt can be used for different exercises like running, walking, hiking, biking, workouts at the gym and many more.


  • Being water resistant, the runners can conveniently keep their valuables dry while performing the exercise.
  • It comes with the 3M reflective stripes available the front pocket so that you can perform marathons without any issues.

7. FlipBelt – USA Original Patent:

You will stay healthy if you have an active lifestyle and for that running are essential. While going for running or any sort of physical exercises, you will need to carry your essential belongings along with you. With the setup of this original patent pouch belt around your waist, you can safely carry phones, keys, credit cards, wallets, ID cards, and headphones. Majority of people utilize a wide range of accessories while performing exercises and for them, this FlipBelt is highly beneficial.


  • There is the arrangement of the multi-access pocket openings all through the belt.
  • Issues of discomfort chafing are eliminated by the absence of buckles.
  • It would bounce free and would not ride up.
  • It feels fully comfortable and versatile.
  • You may store pills, inhalers, insulin pump, and EpiPens inside.

6. Sport2People Running Belt:

One more running belt from Sport2People brand in this list, this product is made using the super stretchy material. You may use it as a cell phone holder for running and it comes with 2 diverse, expandable and flexible pockets. These pockets are capable to fit several smartphone models. They include the new iPhone XS Max, iPhone 5S, 6S, 6 Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus, Samsung S8, S7, Note 8, and Nexus 6P, etc. Moreover, it can conveniently hold card, money, keys, passport, etc.



  • The waist size can be adjusted from 27.5’’ – 40.5’’.
  • An earphone hole is available to listen to your preferred music. Besides, there are 3 reflective darts for added safety during a workout.
  • Your cell phone will stay protected against scratches and would not lose your valuables.

5. Running Belt for Working Out & Exercise [Black]:

Specified in the product name, this classic black colored running belt is suitable for exercise and workouts. Being exceptionally stable and comfortable, this pouch belt is prepared using soft and cushioning materials. Essentially, this belt is a 100% neoprene waistband which can be stretched conveniently to fit your waist. Even during severe running, it would stay comfortable and would not slip off.


  • To enhance the convenience, there is the special availability of the extra pocket on back. This pocket is capable to store cash, ID, credit cards and other personal belongings.
  • Arrangement of the front side opening with elastic strip offers hassle-free access and additional protection.
  • There are special openings available for headphones and lightning connector.

4. Running Buddy Personal Magnetic Running Pouch:

Recognized as a multi-purpose running pouch, the belt would seamlessly fit across your waist. There is a special implementation of the patented magnetic technology. The process to setup is as easy as including the back flap of the pouch. You just need to align with the front flap and then lock into place. Due to the myriad of sizes being available, you can choose the one that suits you the most.


  • This magnetic running pouch belt would flawlessly connect to any waistband in order to employ a secure hold free from bounces.
  • Use of the dri-fit material makes sure the runners would stay dry, chafe-free, and comfortable.
  • Its slim profile is capable of holds all the workouts, running and travel essentials. They contain smartphones, money, passport, credit cards, and inhalers.

3. dimok Running Belt Waist Pack:

What makes this waist pack so popular is the convenient fit that assists it to stay conveniently around your waist. Inclusion of the adjustable belt and elastic straps would keep the stored items secured. A comfortable, snug fit is provided to deter the incidences of bouncing items. The exceptional slimline design would limit the concerns of bouncing off the items while running, performing the workout, walking, etc.



  • It is easy to access the required stuff.
  • Use of the neoprene material would avoid the issues of sliding.
  • It is made adjustable with the waist sizes being variable from 28″ to 49″. So, this pouch belt is adjustable and flexible.
  • The included neoprene material is water resistant to make sure the inside stuff stays dry in moist weather conditions.

2. ABETER Best Running Belt:

Now runners can solely concentrate on their running without any distractions. Basically, the ABETER running belt is proficient to hold all your personal belongings like keys, phone, cards, handkerchief, etc. The corresponding dual large pockets are ideal to conveniently hold spacious items. Even during inclement weather conditions, this pouch belt works well and keeps your essentials dry.


  • This spacious running waist pack is manufactured from waterproof neoprene material along with a waterproof zipper.
  • It can work in the form of a comfortable, expandable band. So, you may vary the waist size from 27″ to 45″ which would conveniently fit all children, males, and females.
  • Provision of the dual massive pockets would neatly organize your cell phone, earphones, cash, wallet, keys, and other pointed things.

1. FreedomVentures Running Belt Waist Pack:

Primarily designed for runners and athletes with an active lifestyle, this waist pack product is popular for conveniently holding all the significant stuff.  Its slimline design is capable to securely hold items like cash, credit card, keys, etc. The main pocket would snugly protect your smartphone. A reinforced zipper guarantees that all your items would remain dry in moist weather conditions.


  • The safety features are conveyed through its massive reflective strip that enhances nighttime visibility.
  • It comes with the divider to protect your phone against scratches.

Being lightweight and comfortable, runners and athletes will fully relish their physical activities using these running pouch belts. Since they come in adjustable waist size, they are versatile and can be used by persons of any age.

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