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The joy of observing your kids playing their favorite toys or play items is immense. Kids love to play with the most amazing and comfortable toys. These toys would also explore hidden talents inside the kids. Out of many toys manufacturer companies, Little Tikes is one of the famous ones. The company is recognized as an American-based manufacturer of kid’s toys, and its headquarters is positioned in Hudson, Ohio. It is found that the products from the manufacturer are low-tech casted plastic toys that are meant for infants and young kids. They can play with the toys indoor and outdoor. In order to get a complete idea about best of Little Tikes available in 2019, read further:


10. Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set:

The soccer set from Little Tikes allows the kids to play joyfully and comfortably. It is found that the toys are excellent for getting knowledge of the basics of soccer while enhancing coordination, motor skills, and social skills. Its inflatable ball incorporates a hand-pump to maintain the appropriate pressure, as well as the scaled-down goal features the lightweight design. Due to the lightweight design, it is simple to move the toy to different places. Once the game is over, its net frame collapses down for effortless storage. Being parents, you can excite the future World Cup Star through this multi-colored soccer set for your backyard. Kids can flip the goal over to tune the height of the net. It is quite simple to disassemble for efficient storage, as well as, portability.

9. Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug’n Secure Swing, Blue:

Recognized as the outdoor baby swing, this toy product is one of the finest additions to any swing set. With the help of a T-bar and bands, your kid can stay secure in place and could be easily removed as the kid grows. Basically, it functions as a toddler swing and a baby swing. Its T-bar would swivel down for effortless loading/unloading. There is the provision of adjustable stay-put shoulder bands for great security of your baby. When the T-bar is not used, it travels down of the swing and can be conveniently stored. This toy is capable to withstand maximum load of 50 lbs.


8. Little Tikes Totsports Easy Hit Golf Set:

Now you can get your tyke within the swing of things through the help of this golf set. Its rolling cart is capable to hold two clubs that includes a driver and a putter. Moreover, it also includes three oversize golf balls. This golf set includes all-surface “hole” that allows your kid to play anywhere. Evert components used in this product are manufactured from highly durable type heavy-duty plastic. This type of constructions ensures that this set is capable to withstand heavy hitting. You only need to make little assembly for its set up. Kids can comfortably play putt-putt golf within the backyard. With the use of role-play activity, your kids would develop coordination and motor skills. If you are looking to deliver endless fun to your kids, this golf set is an ideal one.

7. Little Tikes Go and Grow Lil’ Rollin’ Giraffe Ride-on:

A riding toy is one the preferred choices among kids and this product is one among them. There is friendly face design on the toy that makes kids feel ecstatic. This toy’s foot-to-floor format lets it quite simple for kids to ride. Implementation of an adjustable seat allows the kid to use it for long-term. It is found that this toddler ride-on would explore gross motor skills, and balance. Therethe is inclusion of over-sized back wheel that presents extra stability while playing. For the purpose of safety, the toy comes with a wheel guard. In order to retain the proper balance, therethe is implementation of large front wheel base. Your kids can use it indoors or outdoors. This toy is capable to withstand load limit up to 50 lbs.

6. Little Tikes Shopping Cart – Yellow/Red:

Designed specifically for pint-size shoppers, this elegant shopping cart entices the attention of your kid. The appealing aspects of this product are its durability and colorful design. It comes with the sturdy walls, in order to keep tiny items within the deep basket. You can fold down its seat to allow a preferred toy come along with the ride. Basically, it is a kind of simple-to-push cart that highlights sufficient storage space beneath the basket as well as easy-rolling wheels. There is the presence of leg holes around the handle of the cart. The smooth rolling of this cart is facilitated by its blue plastic wheels that complement contrast and new look to the cart. It is found that this cart is designed for long-term use, so you can use it for your other kids.

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5. Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table:

This waterpark kid water table is packed with lots of features and amusing ways to play. When your kids splash inside the water table, they will develop motor skills, coordination skills and their imagination power. In addition to that, the toddlers also develop “put and take” skills. It is quite alluring to observe how the water turns the wheels. If you want to buy a toy with which your kids play for many hours then this vivacious water table is perfect. The fun part is that toddlers can drop balls down spiral, observing them rolling spherically down in the river. In order to operate it, just fill the cup and discharge into the conduit to propel twin water wheels. If needed, the character balls could also be utilized as squirt balls.


4. Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set – Amazon Exclusive:

The present model of easy score basketball set from Little Tikes is specifically designed for kids ranging from 18 months to 5 years of age. This toy is capable to familiarize your kid with all skills to the basketball game and competitive play. Moreover, the height of this toy can be easily adjusted to total six settings ranging between 2 and 4 feet to fit kids of any size. Its design of oversize border and basketball guarantee easy scoring. Furthermore, it also assists the kids to build up hand-eye coordination. You can add the sand into the base for ensuring stability. With the intention to encourage toddlers to play independently while improving coordination and balance, this product is uniquely designed.

3. Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline – Amazon Exclusive:

If you are looking to provide hours of fun to your kids then this kid’s trampoline is an ideal choice. For proper development of kids, it is vital to let them stay active and this toy from Little Tikes is perfect for the same. Kids can move and bounce wherever they want while playing inside. The appealing aspect to note is your kid can burn off extra energy and can stay fit. Overall design is made easy-to-move so that your toddler would bounce with a cheerful smile on the face. With the maximum weight limit of 55 lbs., this product is recommended to buy. It comes with the spacious jumping surface to present great stability to young bouncers. Moreover, the balance bar retains the erect position of this kid’s trampoline and also drives them to greater heights.


2. Little Tikes Cozy Truck:

Recognized as a fun truck for kids with elegant design, sturdy construction and durable design, your kids would just love this cozy truck. For preschoolers and toddlers, this cozy truck is ideal. Its foot-to-floor format is found to be simple to start/stop. As per the preference, you can set it up indoors or outdoors. What kids love are the working door and track of this toy. This toy is capable to roll smoothly with the help of its durable tires. Its front wheels rotate 360 degrees. There is an arrangement of rear storage bed that allows your kids to keep toys, snacks, and water bottle, etc. For parent-controlled push rides, this toy incorporates a detachable floor piece as well as a handle on the back. Useful accessories of this truck are an opening gas cap and a steering wheel equipped with a horn.

1. Little Tikes Jump’n Slide Bouncer:

To relish the fun time, kids usually jump, bounce and slide. All these activities can be done on this jump ‘n slide bouncer. Essentially, it is an inflatable bouncer that features an amusing, vivacious house design to present a spacious area for accommodating many kids at once. The best part of this bouncer is it would easily inflate in minutes and can be folded down compactly for effortless storage. With the help of continuous-flow and heavy-duty blower, this bouncer would stay inflated while the kids bounce inside. There is an arrangement of six stakes that can firmly hold the unit in place. It comes with a storage bag that allows you to store it easily and carry wherever you want.

All the discussed products from Little Tikes are guaranteed to offer hours of entertainment to your kids in a simple way. These toys are prepared in elegant design, features sturdy construction and pack lots of valuable features.

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