Top 10 Best Large Cutting Boards in 2021

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Cutting boards are rapidly becoming essential equipment in our kitchens. They are handy when it comes to keeping our kitchen work areas clean and appealing. In fact, it’s advisable that these items be used regularly when preparing dinner or any other meal. This is because you’ll be able to avoid damaging countertops or tables with a knife. You’ll also be able to easily put the mess into the sink or dishwasher. Overall, this kitchenware is a must-have.

However, getting a premium quality one can be an arduous task especially given the numerous number of designs and manufacturers out there. You may think you have a quality product, only to realize a few days later that what you have is poor quality and undesirable. For that, you need to conduct a comprehensive review to make sure you don’t end up with something undesirable. Well, one of those comprehensive reviews includes these top 10 best large cutting boards in 2017 reviews.

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10. Autree Extra Large Cutting Board

Autree Extra Large Cutting Board

This extra large cutting board features a seamless surface made from one solid, flattened piece of bamboo. It is more sanitary given the fact that bamboo absorbs less liquid and has fewer cross-contamination concerns. The board is also durable and thick; thus, it’s perfect for slicing, dicing, and chopping tasks. Ideally, it is easy to wash, as all you need to do is to wash with warm water with dish detergent before allowing it to air-dry. The Autree Extra Large Cutting Board comes with 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.

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9. Go Active Lifestyle 18 X 12-Inch Cutting Board

Go Active Lifestyle 18 X 12-Inch Cutting Board

If you want an attractive yet durable cutting board, you should look no further than the Go Active Lifestyle Cutting Board. Made of 100-percent Moso bamboo, this cutting board is ultra strong and versatile. It is ideal for birthdays, retirement, housewarming, Christmas, and wedding gifts for all kitchen lovers. The board’s natural non-porous, antimicrobial surface prevents absorption; thereby, eliminating odors and bacterial growth. Also, there is the drip grove design that prevents liquid from dripping off of the board to keep your counter or table bacteria free and clean.

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8. Suave Touch Extra Large Cutting Board

Suave Touch Extra Large Cutting Board

Keep your kitchen classy and knife sharp with this quality extra-large cutting board. Given its versatility, this board is great for chopping meat and prepping fruits and vegetables. It features a drip groove around all edges, which help it catch any liquid that may seep through it and make your countertop untidy. Ideally, it is reversible, meaning you can use both sides for the cutting task. The Suave Touch Extra Large Cutting Board is guaranteed, so buy with confidence knowing that you’ll be refunded if something’s not right.

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7. Clean Cut Cutting Board

 Clean Cut Cutting Board

The time has come to stop contaminating your food with kitchenware that has been made with harmful materials. The Clean Cut Cutting Board is BPA-free and has no antimicrobial agents; hence, it’s the best option to make healthy meals. It is FDA-approved and dishwasher safe for convenience. It is also heat resistant and odor resistant; hence, it will neither crack nor warp. The non-porous, non-slip double sided surface ensures that your countertop remains tidy and bacteria free.

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6. Midori Way Extra Large Cutting Board

Midori Way Extra Large Cutting Board

Made of bamboo, this cutting board is stronger than maple-made cutting boards, and will offer you an everlasting service. It is moisture resistant; hence, will not tamper with the taste of your meals. While one side is perfect for prepping veggies and fruits, the other side is ideal for serving meals and acts as a tray. The board is lightweight, versatile, and large enough for peerless performance. The fact that this board resists moisture means it is easy to clean; all you need is soap and water to start rinsing off bacteria and food particles.

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5. SONGMICS UKAB42Y Extra Large Cutting Board

SONGMICS UKAB42Y Extra Large Cutting Board

This cutting board from SONGMICS is a great addition to any kitchen. It is lightweight, durable and easy to store and allows you to prep, serve, chop, and cut your food at home or in a commercial place such as a restaurant. Its edge grove design holds juice nicely, so it doesn’t spill over and make your countertop messy. The fact that it’s extra-large means carving and mincing is a breeze. The SONGMICS Extra Large Cutting Board makes a great gift idea for any special occasion such as Christmas, weddings, birthdays, and more.

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4. Premium Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Premium Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Are you tired of ending up with cutting boards that are attractive but break up after just a few uses? Then get tired no more because the Premium Bamboo Cutting Board Set is within reach. It has a durable design that will solve all the issues customers have with cheap, traditional cutting boards that break and warp easily. Ideally, its 3 over-lapped layers make it strong for cutting and will not dull your knives. The board is less porous and will not mess up your countertop.

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3. Eco Kitchenware Extra Large Cutting Board

Eco Kitchenware Extra Large Cutting Board

Measuring 18 inches long by 13 inches wide and surrounded by a drip groove, this extra-large cutting board has a large and comfortable chopping area. Its surface area of 220 square inches offers you plenty of room to fit everything you need to prepare. It is made from bamboo, so expect no toxins to slip into your food. You don’t need to sand this board before using since it’s always ready for any chopping task. The bamboo material makes it easy to clean and enhances its performance.

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2. Leading Gourmet Cutting Board

Leading Gourmet Cutting Board

This cutting board from Leading Gourmet is arguably the nicest extra-large cutting board you’ll ever come across. It is easy to clean and maintain, especially due to the fact that it’s made from bamboo. Despite being extra large, it is not oversize. Its bamboo surface is non-porous; thus, will not mess your counter or table. It is also anti-bacteria and anti-microbial for safety use. Because of its unique, great looks, the Leading Gourmet Cutting Board makes a perfect gift item for Ester Mondays, housewarming, birthdays, retirement, and weddings. It is protected by the manufacturer’s full 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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1. Greener Chef Extra Large Cutting Board-Large Cutting Boards

Greener Chef Extra Large Cutting Board-Large Cutting Boards

Whether you are carving up a chicken to escort your homemade dumplings or prepping a dozen of vegetables for authentic Asian-stir fry, your cutting board should be attractive and durable, and that’s what this extra large cutting board from Greener Chef is all about. Its elegant design with drip groove makes it ideal for serving cooked meat without messing up. While one side is perfect for prepping veggies, the other side acts as a tray/platter, and is ideal for serving cooked food. This cutting board comes with 100{0556d10cdf67a86eca3c7cf8cf9bf3d8aa725281183a9c2408418842ceb02572} no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

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It’s time to let go of the traditional cutting boards, which are very hard to use, and embrace these modern cutting boards that have simplified almost everything. Of course, everyone wants things that are easier to use and this cutting boards are the answer. They are easy to clean and are made of bamboo materials which do not tolerate bacteria or fungi. Most of them also feature a drip groove design that prevents you from messing your countertop when using them. Get one now and you’ll greatly enjoy your time in the kitchen.  

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