Top 10 Best iPhone 7 And 7+ Cases & Covers in 2020

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Do you like a bruised apple? The answer is obvious no one likes a scraped or bruised Apple. In most cases, Apple devices cost some handsome amount of cash, and the last thing you’ll want to happen to your device is to get damaged. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for Apple devices, such as iPhone 7 plus, to get damaged. A single drop can leave your phone scraped, scratched or even worse, shattered. That’s why it’s important to protect them by using the Best iPhone 7 Plus Cases & Covers.

And while there are many ways to do this, the use of case or cover is arguably the best. iPhone 7 plus cases and covers are specially designed for iPhone 7 plus meaning they’ll perfectly fit your phone. Best of all, they are made of PU material for flexible durability. Most also have their corners equipped with air cushioned technology to protect against shock and drops. In this review, we look at the following top 10 best iPhone 7 plus cases & covers in 2017 reviews. 

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10. QIALINO iPhone 7 Case (Pink)

QIALINO iPhone 7 Case (Pink)

The exterior of the QIALINO iPhone 7 Case is crafted with premium natural cow leather while the interior features micro-fiber lining that not only offers a dual-layer protection but also ensures comfortable handle feeling. The case’s ultra thin back cover style makes it elegant and unique. It is simple and quick to handle, and it provides easy access to all buttons and sensors. The QIALINO iPhone 7 Case is compatible with Apple iPhone 7 regular size, and it’s designed with an Apple logo cut-out for easy gripping.

9. QIALINO iPhone 7 Case (Black)

QIALINO iPhone 7 Case (Black)

QIALINO Black iPhone 7 Case is a slim leather wallet phone case that’s compatible with Apple iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone 6 Plus. Its exterior is made of high quality genuine leather while its interior features micro-fiber lining for great protection and good feeling. This case will protect your precious device from dirt, scratch, and daily wear & tear. It has a built-in magnet that keeps your phone securely in place and a pull strap that makes it easy to get your phone out.

8. Asstar iPhone 7 Plus Case

Asstar iPhone 7 Plus Case

Specially designed for iPhone 7 Plus, the Asstar iPhone 7 Plus Case will fit your phone perfectly while making sure that you have easy access to ports and buttons, as well as camera and touchscreen. It is 100-percent brand new and premium quality. The case is transparent and has liquid inside that makes it fashionable, popular, and interesting. It will make your phone gorgeous and special with its inside glitters that float freely when you move your device. Bring in fun with the Asstar iPhone 7 Plus.

7. CaseHQ 2-Pack iPhone 7 Plus Case

CaseHQ 2-Pack iPhone 7 Plus Case

The CaseHQ 2-Pack iPhone 7 Plus Case features a crystal clear back panel and specially formed TPU bumper for tight grip and better protection. Its front raised edges recess the phone’s screen to protect it when placed face down. The TPU case is clear, thin, and lightweight for flexible durability. This case will protect your iPhone 7 Plus from scratches and the daily wear & tear, giving it longer life and cleaner look. It has reinforced corners with air cushion protection to shield against shocks and bumps.

6. Morecome iPhone 7 Plus Case (Rose Gold)

 Morecome iPhone 7 Plus Case (Rose Gold)

Morecome iPhone 7 Plus Case is compatible with both iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6 Plus. Apart from the phone, this leather removable magnetic wallet card case will protect other of your things including credit cards and personal items like IDs and driving license. It is made of PU leather; hence, it is strong and will serve you for a long time. The fact that this phone case is designed for iPhones means it perfectly matches with their shapes. It is dreamy, elegant, and stylish.

5. ikasus iPhone 7 Plus Case

ikasus iPhone 7 Plus Case

iPhone 7 Plus is valuable and it’s obvious that you’ll protect it at all costs. Well, ikasus, one of the world’s leading manufacturers, can help you achieve this through its innovative iPhone 7 Plus Case. It has a camera cut-out as well as a charger and microphone open for easy access. And with its humanized design, you’ll have easy time accessing all buttons. It is comfortable and you can hold it all day long. The ikasus iPhone 7 Plus Case is made of a premium quality soft electroplate plating TPU material, which is protective and safe.

4. xenoza iPhone 7 Case

xenoza iPhone 7 Case

Use xenoza iPhone 7 Case to protect your phone. It has a clear, hard PC case and TPU bumper that offers grip and a slim profile. It also has raised bezels that lift camera and screen off flat surfaces. Large cut-outs are ideal for most cables and ensure the phone is easy to operate. The xenoza iPhone 7 Plus Case is compatible with Apple iPhone 7. Use it to increase the lifespan of your phone as well as its durability. Its corners feature air cushioned technology to protect against drops and shocks.

3. Agent18 iPhone 7 Case

Agent18 iPhone 7 Case

If you want your iPhone 7 to serve you for ages, then the Agent18 iPhone 7 Protective Case should not miss out from your cart. Its flexible durability comes from flexible materials that will not stretch over time. The case allows for hassle-free installation and it’s easy to use. Although it covers and protects buttons, the Agent18 iPhone 7 Case still allows for full use of these buttons. Ideally, it wraps around the edge of the phone to protect against the screen. It has inside glitters that flow freely to enhance beauty and bring in uniqueness.

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2. RANVOO iPhone 7 Plus Case

RANVOO iPhone 7 Plus Case

Featuring sleek electroplated finish frame, the RANVOO iPhone 7 Plus Case is one of the best iPhone 7 Plus cases you’ll ever come across. It is specially designed for iPhone 7 Plus and will be useful to your phone. The fact that it’s made of PC material means it won’t block signal. It is scratch resistant, fingerprint proof, anti-marks, and anti-slip for enhanced performance. It is also lightweight and comfortable with its ergonomic design. Let it be your phone’s ultimate protector.

1. HOBEST iPhone 7 Plus Case-Best iPhone 7 Plus Cases & Covers in 2017

iPhone 7 Plus Cases & Covers

When you go to the market to search for a top class quality iPhone 7 Plus Case, go for the HOBEST iPhone 7 Plus Case. It is functional, elegant, and simple for peerless performance. It features a refined design with vibrant colors for enhanced visual appeal. It will make a clear vision of your iPhone in original style and look. Tactile button covers have responsive touch and are easy to access. The case’s corners are shock-absorbing to protect against drops. It comes with a 1-year worry-free warranty for 100-percent satisfaction.

Getting a top quality iPhone 7 plus case or cover has never been easy; thanks to these top 10 best reviews. Featuring different designs of cases and covers, these reviews give you the rarest opportunity to go for that product whose features suit you best. Products here are top performing and will help protect your phone at all costs. They are made with durable material, so expect them to deliver lifetime performance. Get yours today for maximum protection of your phone.

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