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In this digital age, a camera seems to be a must-have device for many people. Everyone wants to capture the best moments in their lives, the emotions of their families, and the personal time with their loved ones. While there are many options available such as DSLRs, film cameras, and built-in cameras on smartphones, instant print cameras are interesting options as they can make your captured images exist immediately in real life. This would allow you to review the photos and put it inside the pocket for life-long memories. There is something nostalgic and unique about holding a beautiful photo that you just took and printed just a few seconds ago.

Instant print cameras are making a significant comeback, meaning that it is now a very good time to check out these special offers yourself. There are a lot of similarities between digital cameras and these models. Various features and specs would change your photographic experience, so it is important to consider carefully before making the final decision. If you are looking for one but still unsure where to start your search, then check out the following list of top 10 instant print cameras in 2020. We have done a lot of research to choose the most popular models for you. Read carefully and make your decision.


10. Kodak Mini Portable Shot Wireless Photo Instant Digital Printer Full Color Camera

The first camera on this list was designed and manufactured by Kodak. With its unique structure and design, you only need to download Kodak related phone applications to be able to edit photos as you like. In addition, such applications also provide many filters to make the frames more interesting and eye-catching

What is more, the camera’s compact and ergonomic design gives you the convenience to carry with you in a variety of situations such as travel, picnics, camping, or parties. Therefore, you will easily put it in your backpack and bag without having to worry about taking up too much storage space. On top of that, this unique item comes equipped with a number of professional camera features like exposure, focus, and white balance.


  • Trendy design with eye-catching colors
  • Compact and lightweight for easy carrying
  • Quite affordable price
  • Processes are fast

9. Kodak PRINTOMATIC Grey Digital Instant Sticky-Backed Photo Print Full Color Camera

Another instant print camera from Kodak appears on this list. This is a relatively small device but designed with great elegant beauty. It has a 10 MP sensor with wide-angle glass to give you extremely sharp images. Not only that, you can customize the black and white photo mode to bring a classic and nostalgic feeling. These factors combine into one camera, making this product more attractive to customers

Besides the aforementioned features, speed is another outstanding advantage of this Kodak camera. Therefore, you will receive satisfactory photos after only a relatively short period of time. Not only that, but it is also equipped with a light sensor to assist in shooting in slightly dark spaces. Equally important, the printed images will be durable, so they will be very difficult to tear.


  • Ergonomic and fashionable design
  • Easy and simple to carry around
  • Equipped with a flashlight for dark spaces
  • Many modes of shooting

8. Polaroid Snap White Instant Digital Zero Ink Print Technology Camera

This Polaroid instant print camera has a funny look so you can take it with you and share fun moments with friends and family. First of all, this product is appreciated for easy operation as well as quick print time. All you need to do is a few basic steps. From there, you will soon have the pictures you want. The high-quality sensors also give you many different types of shooting, even selfies.

Moreover, the ergonomic design is an outstanding feature of this camera from this Polaroid. The unique structure makes every operation convenient and every step is faster. In addition, the timer feature gives you and other family members more time to prepare to save the funniest pictures. Last but not least, it comes with many support accessories to optimize many different functions.


  • Lots of different shooting types
  • Funny appearance with trendy colors
  • Very affordable price
  • Integrated with many high technologies

7. Fujifilm Instax 9 Ice Blue Instant Print Camera

The edges of this instant print light from Fujifilm are rounded, without sharp corners to give the machine a very friendly, funny, and cute look. Plus, this device comes with an integrated flash. Fujifilm comes with a clip-on macro adapter that is attached directly to the lens. Therefore, it helps you capture subjects in the range of 30 cm to 50 cm. Anything closer or further will be blurred.

It is considered a great addition of Fujifilm, which helps you take close-up photos. Without clip-on macros, the camera’s focus limit will be 60 cm to infinity. A new feature in this camera is the selfie mirror. It is a small, simple mirror next to the lens. Point the camera at you and keep it at a reasonable distance. From there, you will be able to create frames easily


  • The lens has been significantly improved
  • Cute design with eye-catching colors
  • Compact and ergonomic
  • Simple and convenient to carry around

6. Fujifilm Instax 8 Mini Instant Grape Film Print Camera

An additional instant print camera from Fujifilm’s Instax product line appears on this list. In addition to a 60 mm fixed focal length lens on the front, the camera also has a built-in flash on the camera body that enables users to take pictures in low-light environments. The back of the device is integrated with a viewfinder arranged in the right corner, which supports shooting when the user is not taking a selfie.

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Apart from the above-mentioned specifications, this device has a funny design, cute and youthful colors like a toy camera. Compared to conventional compact cameras, this product has a much larger size but it is relatively lightweight. Finally, it is also quite simple and feels easy to use. The device is designed with large buttons, so the operation when shooting is done quite quickly and accurately.


  • Cute and fashionable design with bright colors
  • Easy to control and use
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Large buttons for simple setting

5. Canon Ivy Bundle Cliq Seaside Zink Paper Instant Camera Blue Printer

This product is considered a leap forward of Canon when entering the market of instant print cameras. The device can store digital photos and print them on dedicated ZINK paper. Plus, it has a compact size to assist you in carrying it anywhere and anytime. Besides, this item is also equipped with the same parts as other digital cameras such as integrated flash, optical viewfinder, and memory card.

Moreover, the front of the device is fitted with a small mirror to support the selfie. They have many photo editing features like filters, picture frames, and text to provide users with countless options for creating great photos. You can also customize their own sound. Finally, you can even set up remote shooting for impressive group shots.


  • Modern and elegant design
  • It owns many unique features
  • Easy to adjust via apps
  • There are some accessories included

4. Kodak Mini Premium Quality Shot Wireless Print Instant Digital Pink Camera LCD Display

This Kodak instant print camera comes with Bluetooth connectivity for transferring images to iOS or Android devices through the Kodak MINI Shot app. With this application, users can edit their images before printing them, including applying filters, stickers, collages or using card templates. Plus, the lens of this product has a viewing angle of about 3.5 mm.

In addition to the specifications mentioned, the most outstanding feature of this camera is the classic and vintage beauty that it brings. And yet, it supports rapid image printing from electronic devices through applications. By a few simple operations, you can edit image brightness, add stickers, or add photo templates available to perfect photos.


  • Elegant and unique design
  • Suitable for many different spaces
  • Easy to adjust via apps
  • Compact and ergonomic

3. Polaroid Mint Blue Instant Print Zink Sticky-Backed Photo Digital Camera Paper

This Polaroid instant print camera was introduced as a tool to make instant photo printing and printing easier than ever. The integrated printer part uses Zink technology without ink so it can produce color, black and white, or sepia printouts in less than a minute. This app has many common editing functions including filters, frames, and stickers.


Plus, this camera also allows adjusting color gamut, white balance, exposure, and autofocus. In addition, there is a dark chamber for image processing and film mounting. Moreover, it has 6 exposure modes and depending on the different lighting conditions, the device will indicate which mode light is appropriate. After that, the user just needs to turn to that position and shoot.


  • Elegant and compact design
  • Modern and innovative technologies
  • Easy to adjust
  • Simple to use and control

2. Polaroid Pop 2.0 Instant Photo Wireless Portable Touchscreen Display Camera Built-in Printer

Unlike classic Polaroid cameras with old photos, this new generation Polaroid Pop uses ZINK Zero ink technology which is now commonly used with modern products on the market today. This technology supports the coating of colored crystals instead of traditional chemicals so that images can appear immediately.

In addition to taking and printing photos instantly, Polaroid Pop can be used as a regular digital camera. It has an LCD touch screen on the back, a dual-LED flash on the front, a 20-megapixel CMOS sensor, as well as features such as image stabilization, video recording up to 1080p HD, and card support, and micro SD memory. If you want an instant camera to take family photos, travel photos or just take a few casual moments in life, this item is rated as the most optimal option on the market today.


  • Backed by many modern technologies
  • Has both modern and classic beauties
  • Compact to carry around or store
  • Simple to adjust

1. Polaroid SNAP Portable Instant Touch 2.0 Digital Photo Printer

The final product on this list is an instant print camera from Polaroid. Its high-quality lens was introduced to be able to give you sharp images in just a few seconds. Therefore, you can save your moments with your family and friends without spending too much time. Besides, this device is set up the ability to connect data via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so you absolutely can check your photos on different devices immediately after taking them.

In addition, this is also considered an effective low-cost solution to capture your happy moments through brightly colored photos. Equally important, the printing technology of this device has been significantly improved to provide excellent and gorgeous color schemes. Last but not least, this technology helps prevent pictures from being smudged and damaged, thus ensuring that your photos are always in the highest quality.


  • Many unique features
  • Special mobile apps
  • It uses high tech ink
  • All the steps are relatively fast

We hope this handy guide can make your shopping process much quicker and simpler. The list includes some of the most considerable specs and features that you need to consider to choose the best instant print cameras for your needs. All of the models feature high-quality materials, advanced features, and affordable prices to suit different preferences. It is important to consider carefully and make an informed purchase decision to pick the best one that can help you make memorable and beautiful photos in your life.

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