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For your body, the workout is the paramount aspect that decides your overall health and fitness. It is essential for people of all age groups to carry out a workout on regular basis to stay fit. In today’s world, it is not possible for everyone to spare time for full body workout; however, it is essential to perform it from time to time. To carry out full body workout, you will certainly need some of the best equipment. One of the best gears to perform full body workout is the bench. This bench is completely different from the usual bench because it comes with unique design and features. You need to focus on the size, weight, design, and functionalities before picking a bench for full body workout. Let’s have a look at the best benches for full body workout to make an informed decision:


7. Reebok Professional Deck Workout Bench: ( BEST SELLER )

The professional bench for your full body workout from Reebok is basically a lightweight bench capable to replace your old metal frame bench with lightweight equipment. In addition to being lightweight, this product is super solid and assumes different inclining positions to let the users perform exercises properly. You will certainly like the cute look of this workout bench. You can use it instead of a dumbbell or resistance band workouts.

This bench comes with the internal storage compartment for sufficiently accommodating the weights and resistance tubes. In total, there are three positions for angle support i.e. flat, incline, and decline. Furthermore, there are clips to join the resistance tubes for performing different kinds of workouts. The weight limit is 330 pounds. Its non-slip textured rubber surface helps you to hold it easily without any concerns. You can save your time because the bench comes pre-assembled and there are no accessories to tangle with. When you want to close this bench, simply use the handle to turn this bench into flat position.

6. Bowflex Weight Benches

An excellent bench for full body workout, Bowflex Weight Benches feature in this bench to make it ideal for performing exercises and building up the muscles. You are able to build muscles in your chest, back, abs, shoulders, and more. You can set up this utility bench at your home or at the gym. This workout bench is manufactured from premium-quality materials, so it will last longer. Furthermore, it comes with the powder-coated steel frame equipped with high-density foam included within the black and white upholstery. With this arrangement, your body stays secured and holds support whenever you perform severe workouts.

Its back pad is extremely adjustable and you can set it to different angles for performing the chest exercises. You are able to do tasks like incline, decline, military, and flat presses. This bench’s tilting seat could be adapted to three different positions to fit users of any size.

5. Marcy Exercise Utility Bench for Upright, Incline, Decline, and Flat Exercise SB-261W:

In this exercise utility bench from Marcy, you will observe the heavy-duty construction to enhance its durability. The SB-261W bench is manufactured using a durable steel frame assuring you the solid construction. In its construction, you will find contoured foam roller pads, high-density foam, and boxed upholstery. All these components are dedicated to present the finest support and comfort for performing workouts.

The entire unit features an ergonomic design prepared in a compact structure. Its structure is compact but it is multifunctional. This utility bench is shaped in a manner to facilitate maximum mobility whenever you carry out exercises in a limited space. It incorporates a soft foam roller pads to provide comfort in the lower body. For enhancing the mobility, this utility bench is equipped with transport wheels and a handle grip. These components make it a perfect bench for use at your home, gym, or in an outdoor environment.

4. CAP Barbell Flat/Incline/Decline Bench:

Now you can adjust your workout with four unique positions using this bench from CAP Barbell. Any user is capable to adjust this chair in incline, decline and flat positions without any hassles. The strong foot placement provides security and durability. You are able to enhance your agility, amass strength, and enhance your endurance when you use this bench regularly for your full body workout. In this bench, you will find dumbbell holders for effortless access and storage.

It only weighs 26 lbs, and its overall size is such that it would not occupy much space at your home or gym. For improving the durability, this workout bench is equipped with a durable heavy-gauge steel frame. To let the user use it with comfort, it possesses dense foam padding.One of the best features of this CAP FID weight bench is the sleek design. This full body workout bench offers a densely padded, boxed stitched surface to enhance durability and comfort. You are able to perform many different kinds of upper and lower body exercises with the help of dumbbell to build your muscles.


3. Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench:

You will be surprised to know how this weight bench from Fitness Reality improves your upper body workout in a unique way. It is a perfect bench for dumbbell and several other types of strength training exercises. With the help of this workout bench, you will be able to step up the upper-body workout. Maximum load of 800 pounds can be sustained when you use this bench. Moreover, it presents 12 backrest angles to let the user align appropriately.

As per the convenience, you can adjust the backrest from -20-degree decline to +80-degree incline angles. In this way, a wide range of alignment is possible. It comes with removable 3-position adaptable leg hold-down bar to enhance stability. During its construction, there is the use of powder-coated tubular steel frame found durable in nature. Its extensive leg stabilizers avoid the chances of movement. There is an exceptional triangular support structure included offering the maximum strength. To streamline the process of transportation, there are transportation wheels at the base. When not in use, you can fold this Fitness Reality bench for easy storage.

2. Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Abdominal/Hyper Back Extension Bench:

A wide range of exercises is covered with the help of this extension bench. You can perform different exercises like flat & decline abdominal sit-ups, preacher curls, and lower back extensions, etc. Users can shape their muscles and body to perfection when they use this workout bench from Fitness Reality on regular basis. Basically, it is a multi-purpose bench presenting seven different adjustable positions. Right from training, the full body workout bench is a perfect tool. It can withstand load up to 1,500 lbs. users with maximum height up to six feet four inches.

You will find that its seat and rollers are cushioned with the help of foam. Furthermore, the faux leather upholstery offers a convenient surface. To enhance the mobility, transport wheels are included. With the help of 14 thigh support cushion, the functionality of height adjustments and different bench adjustments, it is possible for you to target your chest, arm, and lower back muscles. If needed, you can work on your abdomen with the help of dumbbell exercises, sit-ups, back extensions, and many more.

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1. Marcy Multi-Purpose Adjustable Utility Bench for Full Body Workout SB-228-BEST WORKOUT BENCH IN 2020 REVIEW

Marcy designed this full body workout bench to work in form of comprehensive gym equipment. This adjustable utility bench allows you to accomplish a wide range of fitness exercises. These exercises are intended to strengthen your chest, arms, core, legs, and thigh using an adaptable back pad. With the assistance of the heavy-duty construction, this multi-purpose adjustable bench carries a maximum load of 300 pounds. The arrangement of best quality padding and upholstery presents sufficient support to your entire body for comfortable lounging and sitting.

Any person would be enticed when he/she sees this full body workout bench at the first glance. It features ergonomic design assisting you to perform your exercise carefully and efficiently. Furthermore, the presence of uniquely designed cushioned seat provides uniform distribution of load to allow the user to perform a convenient workout session. This adjustable weight bench contains cushioned ankle and knee foam rollers. With the use of the foam rollers, it is possible to perform various exercise routines. These exercise routines are targets the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. For every person, it may not possible to go to the gym regularly due to time constraints and other concerns. They can get the gym experience at home; this adjustable bench provides a secure and comfortable way to achieve your fitness goals. There are no hassles to store it at home due to its compact design.

The use of the right equipment for performing workout saves your time, money and effort. When you use any of these benches for full body workouts it is possible to shape your entire body properly at the convenience of home or any comfortable place.

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