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Drinking sufficient water on a daily basis is an essential part of living a healthy life. To ensure this, most of us tend to bring bottled water, which seems not to be an economical option. More importantly, the consumption of plastic water bottles can do a lot of harm to the environment. That is the reason why many companies have come up with a better solution: a bottleless water dispenser. As the name implies, this is a special device that is designed to filter and dispense clean water without the need for a bottle. The most important benefit is that it would purify the liquids by getting rid of some possibly harmful substances from tap water, such as mercury, arsenic, and lead. Featuring portable designs, they can be a great option for both residential and public areas, such as sports halls, hospitals, offices, parks, museums, schools, and more. This means that everyone will find it much easier to access clean water and keep themselves hydrated during the day, which is very important to stay healthy.

Many models even provide added features to meet different needs. For instance, you can use them to drink both hot and cold drinks just by adjusting or pressing the button. Several advanced purification systems can ensure your water is always free of harmful elements. But the availability of so many features also means that it can be challenging to choose the right option for your needs. Understanding this problem, we have done a lot of research and compiled this list of top 10 best water bottles dispensers in 2020. Check it out and make an inform decision.


10. Global Water Bottleless Free-Standing Nano Filter UV Light Dispenser-Best Seller

This water dispenser from Brio has a sophisticated design with neutral colors, making it look suitable for many different spaces in your house. It has even become indispensable equipment to enhance the solemnity of the offices. With this structure, you can freely customize the temperature of the water through a number of basic operations. Therefore, you and your family will not have any difficulty to get the desired cups of water.

And yet, the water filtration system is finely made from high-quality materials, ensuring hygiene and safety as well as excellent purity. These filters are also equipped with corresponding replacements so your family can always use clean water.



  • Flexible operation system
  • Easy to control the temperature
  • Suitable for many different spaces
  • Directly connected to the waterline

9. Kenmore White Water Cooler Bottleless Countertop Dispenser

This Kenmore water dispenser is introduced as a 3-in-1 product that can both filter water, heat water, and cool the water at the same time. Therefore, the adjustment of your desired water temperature as well as other family members will be optimized. Besides, this is also considered as a perfect device to combine with ice maker and coffee maker. With this item, your family will save a considerable amount of time and money.

In addition, modern design and advanced technology enhancements make using this device easier and smoother. You will feel quite comfortable and comfortable whenever you want to adjust the parameters on the water dispenser from Kenmore. Finally, each of its water filters has an excellent capacity to produce up to 3000 liters of water.


  • Elegant and trendy design
  • Easy and simple to adjust
  • Many operation modes
  • User-friendly and eco-friendly materials

8.  hOmeLabs Bottom Hot Cold Loading Water Stainless Steel LED Light Dispenser

The water dispenser is specially designed so that you and other family members can easily use it at any time. The modern structure of this product makes your operations more agile and flexible. The high-quality stainless steel construction makes this product extremely durable to accompany your family for many consecutive years without any sign of damage.

What is more, it possesses a neutral appearance to suit many different spaces. Therefore, you have a variety of options to arrange this water dispenser without fear of taking up too much space. One of the most outstanding advantages of this product is the safety lock feature. This part of the device gives you more peace of mind because it will minimize the risk of burns to your child.


  • User’s safety is optimized
  • Easy and convenient to install
  • Flexible and simple to adjust
  • Quite affordable price

7. Aquverse 5PH Bottleless Water Commercial Grade Cooler Filtration Stainless Steel Dispenser

This is a commercial water dispenser from manufacturer Aquverse with an elegant design to be able to combine harmoniously in many different living spaces. This item is also praised by many experts for an efficient cooling system.. And yet, this water dispenser is perfect if you use it to pour sports water bottles.

In addition to the features listed above, durability is an outstanding advantage of the device from Aquverse. It is made of high-quality materials, ensuring the frame is always in a stable state. In addition, its casing is made of high-class metals to keep the water free of unpleasant odors.


  • Sturdy and stable frame
  • Flexible and convenient to control
  • Safe for children to use
  • Good consumer services

6. MOJO Water Hot Cold Everest Bottleless Black Cooler Dispenser

This is an elegant water dispenser with neutral colors designed by MOJO Water. This elegant appearance is one of the main factors that help the product attract more customers’ attention than other competitors in the market today. Not only that, it has an ergonomic design to be able to fit into many different spaces such as the living room, hallway, dining room, office, or even the gym.


Moreover, the large water capacity makes it even more convenient to use. With this advantage, you do not need to effort to move the heavy and bulky water tanks anymore. The temperature control system of this water jug from MOJO Water has been significantly improved in technology. Therefore, all your custom operations will become much faster and more flexible. Lastly, premium materials ensure a product’s durability over a long period of time.


  • Fits perfectly with many spaces
  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • Some technologies are significantly improved
  • High-quality materials for durability


5. Honeywell Top 2 Settings Loading Dispenser Hot Cold Water Slim Design Bottleless Cooler

This Honeywell water dispenser is uniquely designed to optimize water heating and cooling. Therefore, you and other family members will be served the cup of water with the ideal temperature in the fastest time. Plus, a mechanical pusher helps you to the maximum in pouring water into specialized water bottles for sports.

Besides, the trays can be easily removed. From there, you can regularly clean them to ensure family safety as well as make the product always look new. Equally important, this item is equipped with a safety lock to prevent children from the risk of burns. Finally, this water dispenser from Honeywell is made of high-quality metals, so it is extremely durable to serve your family for a long time.


  • High-quality and user-friendly materials
  • Easy and simple to adjust
  • Ergonomic for setting
  • Safe for children

4. Lago Top Black Load Water Hot Cold Bottleless Cooler Dispenser

This is a water dispenser with elegant design from the manufacturer Lago. This device features 3 temperature adjustment modes so you can enjoy your desired cup of water. Plus, the dispenser dispensers provide maximum flexibility to save users a significant amount of time. And yet, the unique structure allows you to adjust the capacity to best suit the amount of water you need to store.

One of the top features of this product is that you can track your water pouring process in a specific way. This way you no longer have to worry about overflowing. Equally important, the water dispenser from Lago is equipped with a set of safety locks to ensure young users will not face the risk of burns.


  • Unique and trendy colors
  • Elegant and ergonomic style
  • Simple to control and adjust
  • Affordable price

3. Avalon Premium Top Loading Cooler Countertop Water Bottleless Energy Star Dispenser

This is a compact and ergonomically designed water dispenser from Avalon to provide you and your family with the ideal cup of water at different times. This product is certified to be safe for young children because it is equipped with a set of safety locks. Therefore, you can completely prevent your child from the risk of burns caused by hot water. In addition, this item is also considered to have a relatively new appearance with outstanding style lines.


On top of that, it possesses an elegant beauty that can accentuate the luxurious style of many separate spaces. In addition, the speed of boiling water of this machine is also appreciated by many experts. With this feature, the water dispenser from Avalon can save you a lot of time compared to using other ordinary water kettles. This product is a great option for those who want to stay hydrated without breaking the bank.


  • Stylish and innovative design
  • Lightweight for easy setting
  • Simple to adjust the modes
  • Time-saving is optimized

2. Clover D1 Countertop Bottleless Hot Cold Water Dispenser

This product is a water dispenser with a relatively compact design from Clover. The most outstanding advantage of this unique device is that it is directly connected to the waterline of your family. Therefore, you no longer have to spend time moving heavy water containers. Plus, the high-quality materials ensure that the water will not get unpleasant odors during use.

On top of that, the product is said to be an environmentally friendly item. Every time you do not need it, the sensor will assist in reducing the temperature to save maximum energy. In addition, with the compactness of this water dispenser, you can either install it in your preferred location or store it neatly in a warehouse whenever it is not in use. So, if you are looking for a high-quality and affordable product, then make sure to take this product into consideration.


  • Simple and easy to use or adjust
  • The system operates and handles temperatures relatively quickly
  • Compact and ergonomic to install or carry
  • Heavy-duty hardware and premium materials

1. Brio Countertop Bottleless Water Self Cleaning Hot Cold Filtration Cooler Dispenser

The final product on this list is a highly rated water dispenser because it is very user-friendly and environmentally friendly. Plus, its modern construction assists you to the utmost in use and repair whenever it is damaged. Besides, the special structure of this machine also makes it easier to customize its operating modes.

Not only that, the operating speed of this device is relatively fast, saving you and other family members a considerable amount of time while using. A unique advantage of this device is that it is directly connected to the waterline of the family. Therefore, you will not have to spend time and effort in moving the gallons of heavy and bulky water anymore. Purchase this model and you will definitely improve the quality of life for you and your family members.


  • Very eco-friendly
  • Filter water by UV
  • Durable and premium materials
  • Elegant and stylish design

There is a wide variety of bottless water dispenser models available on the market which are different in design, price, features, and many other factors. Therefore, it is very important to consider carefully and take your needs into account before deciding. We hope this comprehensive guide can help you narrow down the list and understand which features are important in choosing the best device for your home or office.

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