Top 7 Best Smartphone UV Sterilizer in 2020 & Buying Guide

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Generally, the smartphones’ surfaces are vulnerable to damage from dust, bacteria and other impurities from the surrounding. Normal cleaning with the help of water drops and cloth piece will not effectively remove germs, bacteria, and other impurities. Therefore, there are many phone sanitizer manufacturers claim who invented a special solution for this. In the market, there is the availability of special kinds of smartphone UV sterilizer box and ozone disinfection materials. With the proper use of these kinds of products, your smartphones stay free from germs, harmful bacteria, and other impurities. In order to protect your smartphone against these damaging factors, take a look at the below products:


7. Beutii Professional UV Sterilizer Box & Ozone Disinfection With Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp Sanitizing for Cellphone

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The Beutii professional UV sterilizer box is used to clean surfaces of salon barber nail tool, headphones, toys, hearing aids, denture, stethoscope, lingerie, and many more. In its use, the entire process involves different phases like the ozone generation, sterilization, and ozone decomposition into oxygen. All these processes generate no residue or pollutant. Generally, this sterilizer box works with the safety and environmental disinfection mode.

With its use, you will perceive it’s practical and creative and design. In the product, there is the inclusion of a tube sterilizing lamp equipped with high light transmittance. This UV ray sterilizing lamp would generate UV ray with a wavelength of 185nm. At this wavelength, it is possible to destroy bacteria by eradicating or changing DNA. There are no adverse effects during use. It is found that the strength of the tube sterilizing lamp is identical to more than 20 times the sun’s intensity. Moreover, it works to destroy 99.9% of bacteria.

With the size, 260 X 150 X100 mm and weight being 1200g, this box is basically a huge capacity sterilizing box. Using this box, it is possible to disinfect 5 toys simultaneously. During its operation, there is no unwanted sound generation. Overall operation is very simple and quiet. In the package, you will get this disinfection box, product specification, and a USB cable.

6. Portable UV Cell Phone Sanitizer with USB Charger – Multi-Use UV Light Disinfection for Smartphone iPhone 6 6s 7s Plus by Consolidated Holdings

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Dedicated to providing the ultimate protection for your family, this product works to protect your smartphones and many other gadgets. This is a simple to use, plug & play UV sanitizer intended to remove bacteria and germs. This means that you can clean your phone right after the use. Moreover, this UV cell phone sanitizer is offered in a fashionable box, so it is an ideal gift for germaphobes. Those who are more conscious about their hygiene, this UV sanitizer box is just perfect.

In less than 6 minutes, the box works to remove 99.9% of bacteria. You can easily protect yourself from injurious bacteria by sanitizing your phone on regular basis. Glancing at its structure, this sanitizer box is presented in ergonomic, compact and portable design. This kind of design makes it simple to use and elegant in appearance. There are many other sanitizers which feel bulky but this one would easily fit into your purse due to its compact size. Whenever you are at home, at work, traveling or present in the car, just put your phone in the smart UV sanitizer. After that, you just need to wait while the UV light sanitizes your device both front and back.

Taking a look at its compatibility, this multi-use cell phone sanitizer is found compatible with cell phones and smartphones that are up to 6 inches. These include iPhone 6s and 7s Plus, Samsung Note 4, 5, Galaxy S7, and LG G3.

5. PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer and Dual Universal Cell Phone Charger

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The PhoneSoap UV cell phone sanitizer is capable to destroy 99.99% of bacteria through UV light. Its patented design makes this sanitizer the only device to fully sanitize your phone. Basically, this cell phone sanitizer sits over a UV transparent plate and enclosed by scientifically proven germicidal UVC light as well as a reflective interior.

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Generally, the phones collect all the bacteria that we usually touch all through the day. Besides, our phones are Petri dishes inside our pockets and cleaning them is essential. Now you can stay healthy by maintaining cleanliness in your devices using PhoneSoap.

What makes it an appealing cell phone sanitizer among customers is it can easily fit and charges the majority of the phones. Moreover, it can fit bigger phones like the iPhone 8 Plus. On the back, there is the availability of the two charging ports i.e. a USB and USB-C. It is possible to charge and sanitize simultaneously.

4. PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer and Dual Universal Cell Phone Charger

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Generally, our phones are 18x polluted than a public toilet. This is because we take our phones into many different places without taking any cleanliness measures. With the use of the PhoneSoap 3 UV cell phone sanitizer, clinically proven results are guaranteed. Its powerful UV-C light is found completely safe for electronics. This light is capable to kill 99.99% of germs and can easily penetrate the microorganisms that conceal inside crevices.

To simplify the buying process, this sanitizer is available in a wide range of colors, right from white to amusing colors like aqua and gold. All these colors are dedicated to suit your decor and style. Its working operation is capable to fit small or big phones. Actually, this cell phone sanitizer fits different smartphones from Apple like iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus. Also, it fits Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Google Pixel 2 XL, and many large phones.

3. PhoneSoap 2.0 – Phone Sanitizer and Universal Charger:

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Now you can ensure complete protection of yourself and the things in surrounding by regularly sanitizing your phone. The PhoneSoap 2.0 phone sanitizer makes use of UV-C light treatment. This light treatment is intended to remove up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria as well as germs in less than 10 minutes. Apart from phones, this sanitizer from PhoneSoap is capable to accommodate lots of household germ harboring things like watches, keys, credit cards, and tiny baby toys.

Basically, this product’s internal dimensions are 6.8 L x 3.74 W x 0.78 H(in inches). These dimensions are capable to fit the majority of the phones. In the interior of this PhoneSoap 2.0, there are two UVC lights along with the reflective paint to cover the light fully around your device. Once you shut down the lid on this sanitizer, the UV lights will be emitted automatically and continue for approximately 10 minutes. Also, there is a blue light illuminating through the lightning bolt which denotes that your phone is being sanitized. After the completion of the sanitizing process, the UV lights along with the blue glow would diminish automatically.

2. Smart Phone UV Sanitizer Portable UV Light Cell Phone Sterilizer Cleaner Aromatherapy Function Disinfector

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This smartphone UV sanitizer is popular for its extensive uses. You will find the use of this product for phones. Moreover, it will also fit mp3 players, iPods, watches, Bluetooth earphones, socks, underwear, forks, knives, baby’s toys, toothbrush, eye-glasses, jewelry, keys, and makeup objects.

It is found that this portable UV sterilizer is equipped with the aromatherapy functionality. You just need to put your preferred essential oil over the aromatherapy inlet then press aromatherapy switch to begin. After 8 minutes, it would stop automatically while aromatherapy is completing. After the use, your device would smell wonderful.

It comes with the built-in charging port, so it can charge and sterilize your phone simultaneously. There is no need to power off. Actually, its structure comes with the two internal cables; one of them is used for smartphone while the other one is used for IOS and Android device.

The wide usages of this sanitizer prove to be the perfect gift on occasions like birthday, Valentine’ s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Father’ s Day, Mother’ s Day and several other occasions.

1. MIFAVOR UV Sterilizer Box Phone Soap Smartphone Sanitizer and Charger Cleaner

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The MIFAVOR UV sterilizer box is used for wide applications. Apart from phones, this sanitizer is suitable for iPods, watches, mp3 players, jewelry, keys, knives, forks, socks, underwear, Bluetooth earphones, baby’s toys, and many other products. This phone soap sanitizer is capable to destroy 99.99% of bacteria within 6 minutes. It comes with a USB port to charge different kinds of cell phones. These include iPhone 6 plus, Galaxy Note5, and Huawei mate7, etc. All the smartphone and cell phone up to 7 inches are protected effectively. With the help of a built-in charging port, this UV sterilizer box can safely sterilize and charge your phone simultaneously.

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Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Smartphone UV Sterilizer:

How does a smartphone UV sterilizer work?

Most smartphone UV sterilizers come with a simple yet very effective design. They look like a small box in a rectangular shape, which is suitable for keeping on your kitchen counter, office desk, or bedside table. On the outside, there are 3 main cables, including a USB-C, a USB, and a power cord. To set up this device, you just need to plug the power cord into the electrical socket. Put your smartphone inside the unit and close it. Now the whole process will be automatically implemented.

The inside of the sterilizer is typically designed with many powerful UV or ultraviolet lightbulbs. This is the most common technology in most smartphone sanitizers. Once you have closed the device, these bulbs will be activated to generate UV light, which is germicidal. This means that the light is able to break down and destroy the DNA of stubborn bacteria on your phone screen. This prevents them from growing or multiplying and affecting your body.

The bulbs are built on both the bottom and top of your device. Along with the reflective interior in the whole unit, they help provide 360-degree disinfection for your smartphone. As a result, even the tiniest and hardest-to-reach areas of your phone are also clean thoroughly. In general, there are many forms of UV light. The type used by most smartphone sanitizers is UV-C light, which typically has a wavelength of around 253 nm. It is so powerful that it takes only 10 minutes to get your device completely clean.

Is it really effective?

Perhaps many of us have probably heard that bacteria can be good for our bodies because they are able to boost our immune system. Is it right? In fact, the answer to this question is not that simple. The body does rely on some forms of bacteria to ensure basic functions, but many kinds of bacteria in the surrounding areas can be harmful and would lead to infections or illnesses. Lab tests and studies have revealed that smartphone UV sterilizers are able to get rid of up to 99 percent of common germs in our households or offices. These include flu, common cold, Staph, Salmonella, as well as E.coli.

With this device, you can be sure that these harmful microorganisms cannot penetrate and infect your body. In fact, sanitizing devices and tools with UVC-C light is not a new method. Labs and hospitals in many countries have been applying this technology over the past decades to keep their facilities clean and sterile. For usual smartphone users, there is no way to know whether their devices are cleaned. Therefore, the data and information from lab tests are the best way to have an overview of the effectiveness of smartphone UV sterilizers.

Important features to look for in a smartphone UV sterilizer:

Since there is a wide range of products and brands available on the market, which are different in sizes, prices, designs, and many other features, it is important to consider carefully before making a decision. Below are some features that you should look for in a good smartphone UV sterilizer:

– Size:

Smartphone UV sanitizers are available in a wide range of sizes, from small enough to fit a phone to big enough to accommodate a tablet or laptop. Depending on the number of devices you have and their sizes, you would make the right choice. Also, make sure to select a product that is not too heavy if you want to carry the device around to sanitize your phone during the day.

– Power source:

In most cases, a smartphone UV sanitizer required an electrical outlet to operate. However, many modern options might also come with a rechargeable battery to allow for more portability. Depending on your use, you can pick the right option for your needs.

– Cleaning time:

Most typical models require at least 5 to 10 minutes to sanitize your smartphone thoroughly. The exact duration will depend on UV technology. If you do not have much time and need to use your phone all the time, a quickly operated model should be your top priority.

– Versatility:

A smartphone UV sanitizer is not only able to clean smartphones. Indeed, many models can be used to get rid of bacteria from other devices, such as tablets or laptops. This will depend on the size and design. In addition, check to see whether the sanitizer can work as a power bank to recharge your smartphone during the cleaning process. These added features can improve versatility and help you make the most of your investment.

– Durability:

Purchasing a cheap model is not always a good idea. Instead, you should take into account durable models that can last for many years. This will save you a lot of money on replacing the UV lightbulbs or other parts, which can cost a lot of time and effort as well. It is advisable to purchase products with replaceable components, which can be more cost-effective, especially in the long term.


– Compatibility:

Can you put your extra-large phone inside a sanitizer case? Depending on your models and brands, there will be many different options to choose from. Keep in mind to pick a compatible product that allows the UV light to reach all areas of your smartphone.

– Charging:

Some smartphone UV sanitizers are designed with one or more USB ports to charge your device while it is being cleaned. Some smaller products can even work as a power bank while you are traveling.

– Reflective coating:

Having reflective coating can help the UV light reach all the crannies and nooks of your smartphone.

– Auto shutoff:

In case you are busy at work, having a sanitizer with the auto-shutoff feature can be helpful. You can choose the duration of the cleaning time. After this period, the device will turn off automatically to save energy and prevent any electrical problems.

– Aromatherapy:

Some smartphone UV sanitizers come with an oil diffuser. While this feature does not improve the cleaning capability of the unit, it can make your smartphone smell pleasantly after a few minutes.

Useful tips to use a smartphone UV sanitizer:

Below are a few simple but effective tips to help you use your UV sanitizer better:

  • In addition to cleaning your smartphone, you can use the unit to clean other devices, such as earbuds, tablets, or even kitchen utensils as long as they fit the case.
  • Avoid cleaning your device with water or soap as it would lead to irreversible damages.
  • You can combine a UV sanitizer with a wipe to improve the effectiveness and eliminate. As many bacteria and microorganisms as possible.
  • Before turning on the sanitizer, you should close it properly. This is especially important when your model features a reflective interior, which can reflect UV lights and do harm to your eyes and skin.

Frequently asked questions:

Below are a few frequently asked questions when you purchase a smartphone UV sanitizer:

Question: How many kinds of sanitizers are available on the market:

Answer: In general, there are 3 main kinds of sanitizers that you would see when choosing:

  • Wipe: This is an affordable and non-tech model to sanitize your phones. Keep in mind to avoid products that are not made for cleaning electronic devices because strong chemicals and moisture would cause irreversible damages to your smartphones.
  • UV wand sanitizer: This is a handheld type of sanitizer that makes use of UV light. After turning it on, you can wave the wan over the phone to get rid of germs. The only drawback of this type is that you have to keep them in hand during the operation, which can be uncomfortable for some people.
  • Encased UV sanitizer: As the name implies, this type comes with a closed case that can fit your device and keep it safe during the cleaning process.

Question: How can you verify claims like “eliminate 99 percent of bacteria”?

Answer: In general, the UV light generated by sanitizing products is not able to get rid of all the bacteria on your phone. To improve the effectiveness, keep in mind to follow the instructions of the manufacturer and allow for an extended period so that the light can have sufficient time to work. Currently, no at-home tests are available to prove the effectiveness of these devices. All you can do is to do careful research and go for reliable brands.

Question: How long can a UV sanitizer last? Does UV light become less effective gradually?

Answer: When the UV bulb burns out, you need to replace it. Thus, it is better to go for a model that makes this task easier for you. A simpler solution is to purchase a product that requires a complete replacement when the bulbs break down.

Question: Is it safe to use a UV sanitizer? Can it damage your smartphone?

Answer: The UV light often lasts 5 to 10 minutes in your device. This is not long enough to cause damages to your phone.



It is very important to sterilize smartphones and many other products on regular basis. The above-discussed smartphone UV sterilizer box and ozone disinfection product would effectively eliminate bacteria, germs, and other impurities.

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