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Everyone loves coffee, that’s a fact. But, sometimes you end up with a stale cup of coffee that tastes bitter and boring. This can happen regardless of using the right procedure and freshly ground coffee beans. However, if it happens to you once, it needs not to repeat itself; not when there are numerous top performing coffee makers on the market. Specially designed to brew flavorful coffee, a coffee maker or rather a coffee machine has all the features that work together to come up with tasteful coffee that you’ll want to share with your friends and family.

Philips leads in the production of these top quality coffee machines. And what makes its products unique is the passion they have on them. This means they are protected by warranties and have all the features necessary for making premium quality coffee. Since Philips coffee makers are numerous, we conducted a research and came up with the best ones in the following top 7 small coffee maker in 2020.

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 7. Philips HD8325/27 Espresso Coffee Machine

Coffee lovers can now smile and dance to the rhythm; thanks to Philips’ advanced coffee maker. It is equipped with a 15-bar pump, which is effective and will make sure that you get coffee at the right time. It also features a pressurized Crema filter that ensures you get smooth coffee with no residues. Ideally, it has a cup warmer for making coffee hot and ready to drink any time. If you are a coffee enthusiast, then this innovative coffee maker should not miss out from your kitchen.

6. Philips HD5407 Cafe Gourmet

Are you craving for fresh coffee every morning? Crave no more because the Philips HD5407 is now within reach. It features a high-temperature extraction technology that ensures deep flavor and a rich aroma. Moreover, it has a spacious entrance which is easy to clean and convenient for water supply. The permanent filter is detachable and the whole equipment is leak proof. The HD5407 also features a power indicator that alerts you when your coffee is ready. It has a removable rotary filter and it produces 8 – 12 cups of highly flavored coffee.

5. Philips HD7564 Tea & Coffee Maker

Finally! We have it; a versatile equipment that makes both coffee and tea. Its AC power input voltage is AC220V meaning it is equipped with a powerful motor that makes the nicest coffee you have ever tasted in seconds. Additionally, it is made of stainless steel material, which is easy to clean and take care of. The stainless steel material is also somewhat shiny and will definitely enhance the aesthetic appearance of your kitchen. The HD7564 weighs 1.7kg and has a size of 223-by-256-by-358 mm, so expect to invite guests for a coffee drinking spree.

4. Senseo 7810 Gourmet Coffee Machine

Although Senseo 7810 Coffee Machine only serves a single cup, it does it well, and you’ll definitely fall in love with it from day one. It is uniquely designed and you only need to touch a button for the machine to brew a single serving of fresh gourmet coffee. Ideally, it uses pre-measured coffee pods, and this makes it easy to clean. It is one of the few coffee machines that brew flavorful coffee every time it’s used. Its parts are dishwasher safe and it comes with a 1-year limited warranty, so you can buy with full confidence knowing your coffee maker is protected against defects.

3. Philips HD7450 Coffee Maker

Before we can start reviewing this product, it’s important to note that it uses 220 – 240 volts; hence, it cannot work in the U.S. and Canada. Other than that, this 6-cup coffee maker has it all. It allows you to brew flavorful coffee and invite friends or even family over for great coffee drinking experience. Its design is sturdy enough for everyday use. The fact that it’s made by Philips means it is an established item that’s unlikely to experience faults and eventually disappoint. With the Philips HD7450 Coffee Maker, you’ll be able to share the joy and fun in a convenient way.

2. Philips Hd7761 Coffee Maker

Philips is known for one thing; making quality products, and the HD7761 Coffee Maker is not an exception. It features an auto shut-off system that serves energy and helps avoid accidents. Ideally, it has an inner mounted grinder to make sure you get flavorful and smooth cup of coffee. Its water level is fully functional and effective for noticeable results. Make great coffee with this top performing coffee maker espresso machine grinder because that’s what it is designed to do.

1. Senseo Philips Coffee Maker Machine

Senseo Philips Coffee Maker Machine is a new and improved coffee maker machine that every coffee enthusiast will find incredible. It has a 30-minute auto shut-off feature that serves energy and helps to avoid accidents. Its premium finish enhances its visual appeal and makes it a great addition on your counter. It boasts a push-to-stop function, which you use to get the right amount of coffee. And with its new boiler, expect a hot cup of coffee every time. Try it today and it will definitely become your ultimate coffee making partner.

Getting a Philips coffee maker has never been easier; thanks to these top 7 best Philip coffee maker reviews. They feature various designs, sizes, and shapes of Philips coffee makers, and this gives you the opportunity to go for that product whose features suit you best. Moreover, products listed here are sturdy enough and will withstand day-to-day use. Their unique designs also enhance the aesthetic looks of the counter. If you are a coffee enthusiast and you want to take your drinking experience to the next level, then these Philips coffee makers should be a frontier for you.

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