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In order to have a relaxing and restful sleep people usually try to avoid the exposure to light while sleeping. For this reason, many people use a night mask. These masks not only ensure a sound sleep but also help in having clear and logical dreams. But finding the best night masks can be a bit confusing as they are available in various styles and designs in the market. So to help you in this regard, brief reviews of some of the top 15 of night masks in 2020 are provided in this write-up.



15. Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask

This comfortable and lightweight silk sleep mask allows you to sleep deeply whenever and wherever you want. By providing you a complete sleep at night it automatically improves your energy levels and mood. This mask compresses your facial skin extremely lightly while covering up your eyes. Its head strap is adjustable to wear throughout the night without any pain.

14. Natural Silk Sleep Mask

This sleeping aid is made from high quality 100% natural mulberry silk of 19 momma to make it the most soothing, breathable and relaxing mask. Its headband can be adjusted gently to wear it comfortably while sleeping at night. It can be worn by everyone including men, women and kids.


13. Sleep Mask in Pack of 3

It is a fully adjustable night mask as it surrounds your head comfortably with an adjustable elastic headband. These masks are specially designed to provide protective cover to your eyes. They are made from lightweight, smooth and breathable fabric. They are padded with high quality sponge to maintain their shape for long.

12. 30 Sleep Mask by PrettyCare

This sleep mask includes high-density foam to make it completely opaque to block the light effectively even after its slim design. Its 30 design provides enough gap between the mask and the eyelids to sleep comfortably. It can be used by everyone including adults and kids to sleep anytime and anywhere.

11. Eye Mask for Sleeping by Paitree

These sleep masks are available only with authorized dealers of OriHea sleep mask. They ensure to block 100% light. Their deep cups allow you to blink your eyes easily without touching the mask. They are made from lightweight, smooth and breathable fabric to allow you to sleep comfortably in your home as well as while travelling.

10. Pack of 3 Sleep Masks by NEWVANGA

The design of all the 3 sleep masks in this pack offers a comfortable sleep. It is backed by full refund guarantee for 30 days. They adapt the shape of your face to block light completely. Its protective curves keep your eyes safe and free. They are designed to use in day-to-day life without any problem. Along with sleeping they can also be used while daytime napping as well as meditating.

9. Sleep Mask by Bedtime Bliss

This sleep mask allows you to enjoy sound sleep comfortably by block all types of light. It contoured design and lightweight keep your eyes relaxed and safe. Along with men, women and kids they can also be used by shift workers as well as people practicing meditation. The quality materials used in it keep your eyes comfortable, without drying.


8. Silk Eye Pillow by ASUTRA

These eye pillows are made from 100% hypo-allergenic materials including muslin, flax seeds and organic lavender to make a gel free sleeping mask. Along with sleeping and meditation it can also be used for relieving headaches and migraine along with practicing yoga’s shavasana. It is fully customizable.

7. 30 Sleep Mask by PrettyCare

These 30 sleep masks are made to block the light completely to enjoy sound sleep at night. Their 30 design keeps your eyes as well as makeup safe. Its design allows everyone to use it to sleep wherever and whenever one wants. They meet national as well as international standards to keep your eyes safe.

6. Silk Sleep Blindfold Mask by Rayhee

This sleep mask is made from 100% mulberry silk to reduce puffiness of the eyes and to allow you to sleep comfortably. It blocks your eyes 30% more comfortably than others due to its nose guard. It is a durable and flexible night mask that has high elastic headband to wear it comfortably by men women and kids.

5. Pack of 3 Sleep Masks by NEWVANGA

The 30 contour design of the cups and elastic strap of this sleep mask allows you to have comfortable sleep whenever you want. It can take the shape of your face to block the light completely. Its protective curves prevent any pressure on your eyes. The fabric used in it makes it comfortable to wear in everyday life.

4. Pack of 3 Sleep Masks

The 30 design of this sleep mask provides a deeper and wider space to your eyes while blocking the entire light. Its headband can be adjusted without tangling your hair. Its nose design can fit to everyone including men, women and kids. The materials used in it improve the quality of your sleep anywhere and anytime.


3. 30 Sleep Mask by PrettyCare

These sleep masks are made from high-density memory foam to make them completely opaque. Their 30 design provides larger space to your eyes to sleep comfortably. They comply with the international standards to provide quality sleep to every user regardless of his gender and age.

2. PACK of 2 Cute Night Eye Masks with Microbird Dog by Pragovle

These pillow type night masks are specially designed to sleep rapidly and release stress from the face. Their headband is fully adjustable as per the head size of the wearer. The gel inserted in hand-crafted eye masks help in improving blood circulation around the eyes to relieve the fatigue of its muscles.

1. OZzzz’s Sleep Aid for Children by Brodicol

This sleeping aid is specially designed for kids by using effective and safe materials. EZ Melts technology used in it makes it better than other chewable products. Its every batch is tested in USA as per GMP guidelines. It is a non-addictive and non-GMO product. No artificial dye or sweetener used in it Thus.

After going through the reviews of top 15 of night mask you can easily choose the best one for your personal use.

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