Top 10 Best Rolling Pins in 2020

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Rolling pins are handy when it comes to creating pizza dough, pasta, pie crusts, and more. They give you that perfect shape and make sure you deliver beautifully-made delicacies. However, some rolling pins are made of poor quality materials that can only make overly sticky or over-worked dough. That’s why it is important to take your time and choose that rolling pin with top quality features. A good rolling pin is FDA approved and free of chemicals. Moreover, it features ergonomic handles that do not pile unnecessary pressure on wrists. Go through the following top 10 best rolling pins in 2017 reviews to get the best product. 

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List of Top 10 Best Rolling Pin in 2017

10. JamHoo 7.9 x 2-Inch Blue Rolling Pin

This top class rolling pin from JamHoo is 100-percent brand new, so expect a lot of good features from it. It is designed to help you make more sumptuous food that will thrill every member of the family. Furthermore, it is dishwasher safe and this makes it easy to clean. The rolling pin also has contoured handles that perfectly fit your hand to make sure you are not just comfortable but also stable enough during use. It is perfect for baking and preparing dough, French Fondant, pastry, and cookie.

9. SelectWoodcraft 10 Inches long, 1 inch thick Rolling Pin

Featuring a combination of two beautiful South American woods, the SelectWoodcraft Rolling Pin is one of the most visually appealing rolling pins on the market today. It is sanded in a very smooth finish and coated in mineral oil for unrivaled performance. Moreover, the rolling pin measures 10 inches long by 1 inch thick, implying it can be used in various food preparations. The SelectWoodcraft Rolling Pin is made of naturally purple and orange colored wood for unmatched uniqueness.

8. Bamber 13-2/5-inch by 1-1/5-inch Rolling Pin

One good thing with this rolling pin is that it does not have dents or small gaps that encourage bacterial growth. For this reason, it is one of the safest products for preparing food. It features the best burnishing technique and it is unbelievably sleek. So, forget about bacteria invading it. Ideally, the Bamber Rolling Pin is ideal for small jobs and children. It is one of the best kitchen gifts you can buy your little girl. Additionally, it is very easy to grip and use.



7. Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin

Make pizza dough, pastry shells or pie crusts fast and easy with the Farberware Rolling Pin. Crafted from durable, moisture-resistant hardwood, this classic rolling pin is unique and top performing. Its comfortable, easy grip handles bring in the much-needed comfort and total control. The rolling pin also features rust-proof Nylon bearings that promote a smooth rolling action. Given all its features and functionality, we can confidently say that the Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin is an essential tool for any contemporary kitchen.

6. Joseph Joseph 20085 Rolling Pin


Joseph Joseph has thoughtfully crafted this rolling pin in that it is adjustable and its rings are removable. Ideally, its multicolored design features 4 sets of colorful, removable discs that raise it to the required thickness of 1/16-inch, 1/6-inch, 1/4-inch, and 3/8-inch off the work surface. By so doing this, the rolling pin eliminates the guess work which is normally experienced when preparing pie bases, pizza, filo pastry, and lasagna sheet. Furthermore, the pin has a solid beech construction that features an etched pastry-width measurement guide for enhanced performance. Use the Joseph Joseph 20085 Rolling Pin to make pie crusts, cookies, tarts, and pizza, among others.

5. Fox Run 4050 Marble Rolling Pin

Do you enjoy rolling out your own pizza dough or baking cookies with the family? If yes, then why can’t you bring in some comfort and ease to these tasks? The Fox Run 4050 Rolling Pin is the item to turn to. It measures 10 inches long and it’s equipped with nylon bearing for a smooth rolling action. Additionally, it has wooden handles for easy, comfortable grip as well as a wooden base for rest. The pin’s marble not only keeps the dough cool during rolling but also keeps it from clinging; thanks to its natural non-stick properties.

4. Bamber 11 Inch by 1-1/5 Inch Rolling Pin

Crafted from solid beech wood from Europe, the Bamber 11-Inch by 1-1/5-Inch Rolling Pin is one of the sturdiest rolling pins in 2017. Its beautiful craftsmanship makes it ideal for any home décor. It also features a compact and simple design that makes it easy to use and clean. Ideally, it is FDA approved, meaning it contains no hazardous substance and it is free of chemicals. Make baking cookies fun and unforgettable with this highly innovative rolling pin.


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3. RollerMaster Stainless Steel Rolling Pin

Do you want to create smooth, uniform, and consistent pastries every single time? Or are you fed up with your dough that constantly sticks on a rolling pin? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then all you need is this stainless rolling pin from RollerMaster. It features a non-porous surface that prevents cross contamination, and its handlebars are easy on wrists to help prevent unwanted pressure. Moreover, this rolling pin requires zero maintenance; it will not scratch, break or crack.

2. ROLLING HERO Stainless Steel Rolling Pin Kit

Keep your dough cool while rolling them with this intelligently designed stainless steel rolling pin. The ROLLING HERO makes sure you have everything you need when it comes to creating pasta, cookies, and amazing pies; hence, that’s the reason it came up with this stainless steel rolling pin kit. The pin is ideal for home baking enthusiasts and professional bakers. With it, you will be able to achieve consistent dough thickness every time. Say goodbye to overly sticky or over-worked dough!

1. E4U 2 Piece Nonstick Rolling Pin-Best Rolling Pins

You deserve better, and E4U knows this. As such, it brings you a top class rolling pin that will unleash the storm and get you rolling. The pin features easy-grip handles that offer better control and ultimate comfort. The fact that the rolling pin kit includes 2 pieces of rolling pin means you’ll have the opportunity to do the rolling task with your kid, which is wonderful! The E4U 2 Piece Nonstick Rolling Pin is FDA approved and backed by a 100-percent satisfaction promise.

Say goodbye to overly sticky or overworked dough; thanks to the above top 10 best reviews. Aside from durability, rolling pins listed here are versatile and will help you make perfect pies, amazing pizza dough, and incredible pasta, among others. Furthermore, they are all within an affordable range. Unleash one today to help get you rolling!

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