Top 10 Best Mosquito Killer in 2020

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We all look forward to great outdoor parties during the summer. However, these plans would be disturbed by swarms of mosquitoes. Just like other flying insects, they can be very annoying or even dangerous. Bitten people would catch some risky diseases. While it is possible to set out some chemical bug foggers or smoky smudge pots to chase them away, the effects of those tools can be short-lived. Sometimes, you have to surrender unconditionally.

Fortunately, everything can be much simpler with a mosquito killer. This device does not use any bug repellents, smoky torches, or hazardous chemicals. Instead, it can attract and dispatch hundreds of mosquitoes during the night, thus providing a safe environment for your family. The below recommended list of top best mosquito killers are safe, effective, and worth buying. We are providing distinguishing features of each example so that you can easily choose the best one for your household.

1. DynaTrap Outdoor Stone Insect Trap 1/2 Acre


This Trap has 3-way protection, 1 UV light, and a quiet fan so it can easily attract a lot of flying insects and mosquitos. Standardly, it is used for 110-volt outlets. It may affect up to 2000sqm. Besides its stylish look which made with Golden basket and classic stone. There is no chemicals, attractant or pesticides needed to traps the flying insects into the basket

It will not need a lot of your care. With the hanging chain and the brush included.  You can see the impact after using this for 3 weeks and break the insects’ breeding cycle after using 6 weeks. This mosquito killer can be used in any weather condition. Also, it is simple to use it both indoors and outdoors.   

Product feature

Can be used both indoors and outdoors

No chemicals or attractant needed

Decorative and stylish look

Against flying insects up to ½ arce

Easy to twist on

2. DynaTrap Indoor Outdoor Insect Trap 1 Acre AtraktaGlo Light

Being designed for both indoor and outdoor in any conditions of the weather is a big advantage of the AtraktaGlo Light insect trap, you can easily place it outdoor in case you have outdoor events. The 3- way protection trap attracts insects within 4000sqm and used for 110-volt outlets. With AtraktaGlo light and diffuser, it pulls and kills the flying insects and mosquito silently.

Moreover, you don’t need to use any pesticides and chemicals to trap the mosquitos. You will not regret how effective impact after using 3 weeks and break the breeding cycle after 6 weeks. It will reduce pests after a couple of days. It is most effective for gnats, fruit flies, moths, and mosquitos so it should not be replaced as a pest control system

Product features

 Place indoor and outdoor under any weather conditions

 Up to 1-acre coverage

 No chemicals, sprays, zapping

 Quiet and simple operation

 Effective and fast results

 3. KATCHY white Insect Trap for Gnat, Fruit Fly, Mosquito and Bug Killer – Child safe, No Zapper, None Toxic

If you are constantly faced with mosquitos, bugs, and fruit flies around your fruits, vegetables, and rubbish bins then many of the electric traps may not be safe around children or your pets. New Katchy insect killer with glue board is the best choice for you. Child safe insect trap has a gluey board. So, it sticks all the bugs pulled and trapped in even the smallest bugs. After a few days, the board is full you can open the trap and replace the new ones easily.

With its decorative and stylish design, you can use it indoor as close as the insects possible like a fruit bowl, next to the bed, in the bar as a decorative item. You will see the most effective impact after a few days. For the best result, we advise to place it in the dark. The power of 3 Xtray and the UV light attracts a lot of flying insects.

Product features

Safe for pets and kids

Convenient to replace the gluey board with effective result

Great 3X power and UV lights to attract insects

Best result when placed in the dark

Most effective for gnats, fruit flies, moths and mosquitos

4. Flowtron outdoor Eco-friendly Electronic Insect trap,1 Acre,Black

You are eco lovers. You want to get rid of all annoying insects around your garden without using chemical sprays on it. Our bestselling bug zapper- Flowtron insect killer is ideal for your ecosystem. It is not hard to see why it is one of the most popular products. This natural-looking trap with UV light can attract the hundreds of flying insects up to 4000sqm. It should be placed between the busy area where humans do the activities and area which has a lot of insects.

Especially, the light is very easy to replace and it would be a useful lantern and insect repellent if we hang it up. Do not worry that the trap will be faded or cracked and affected due to being outdoor. This advanced killer is weatherproof and comes with a 2-year warranty. It is great to use in the garden of your house, the eco-friendly resorts, hotels.

Product features

No need chemical insecticides related. Ideal for ecosystem

The bulb with 40 watts, replace easily

4000sqm coverage with UV light, transformer with high voltage

Weatherproof, no fade, no crack, and no rust

Effective killing grid

5. Cutter Bug Spray for backyard, 32-Ounce

Your Family is coming to visit, you have planned an outdoor party and the kids just love playing outside. But you are constantly being annoyed by biting and stinging insects. Let our Cutter backyard spray take off all the bugs in your garden or outdoor area. This spray can kill mosquitos, ants, bugs, fleas, and against other insects.

Just easily connect to our hose and focus on spray-on where you need. It even works after the rain and lasts up 12 weeks against the annoying insect. It also protects the lawn up to 5000 sq ft. As its portable feature relies on humans, it can be used for both outdoor and indoor.

Product features

Kills ants, mosquitos, insects

500 sq ft of lawn coverage

Easy to use and operate

High effective even after the rain and 12 weeks lasting

Do not produce harmful chemicals

6. Elucto Electronic Zapper For Flies And Mosquitos

Forget about observing and following those annoying mosquitos, beat them! With only 1 swat, all mosquitos or bugs will be killed very fast. Elucto Electronic Zapper is a powerful tool for your family at a very reasonable price. Especially, it runs by 2AA batteries which are included when buying. There is no need for waiting for them to be charged, you can easily replace them and use them immediately.

Elucto Zapper is designed with a single layer so after you have swatted the mosquito it will not be stuck and the zapper can be simply and easily cleaned. Last but not least, with this convenient zapper you don’t need the chemical insecticides involved at all which is ideal for a sustainable environment.

Product features

Portable, easily used for indoor and outdoor

Easy to replace the 2 AA batteries

An eco-friendly tool

Immediate and effective results

staying away from kids is needed

7. Crioxen indoor Bug Zapper for mosquitos, Flying Gnats and fruit fliers- Indoor Electric insects Killer

With the small design, Crioxin Zapper is convenient for indoor. Just plug it in, it will attract insects within a 500 sq foot radius. It is perfect for use in houses, bars, restaurants and hotel rooms. Crioxin zappers are made to the high standards by Reach and RoHS and have a long-lasting effect.

This zapper is both effective and eco-friendly, you don’t need any harmful chemical spray in your room and is not dangerous for pets and kids as well. Moreover, its UV light with pretty high voltage attracts the insects in seconds when they get close to it. For sure it is little, but it works


Easy to brush and clean

Convenient to move and durable materials

500 square feet coverage

Eco- friendly

Highly effective

8. Likboha USB Electric Mosquito Insect lamp, pets and kids safety insect Killer, USB

Likboha insect killer is portable and practical. It is small with an eye-catching design and with USB power supply is easy to charge and use. Therefore, you can bring it anywhere and charge it with any USB port like laptop, charger and you can also use it as a decorative tool in your house. There is no bad smell and chemical while using so it is really good for us.

The special of this Likboha zapper is that you can choose to turn on or turn off the UV light while using even it is daytime or nighttime. This low consumption device is a great choice for you. Moreover, you can easily remove the dirty things in the trap easily and clean under the water.


Save the energy

Portable with USB power supply

Easy to clean with water

Quite Eco- friendly

Only indoor use

9. HUNTINGOOD Electric Insect killer, strong Suction Fan, quiet and Chemical-Free for Indoor.

The products from Huntingood are powerful and practical and all products come with 1-year warranty.

The features of this product include a UV light 365 NM wavelength and 360-degree window so it perfectly pulls and attracts all the insects which come close to it by the strong suction fan, then they will die naturally without chemical pesticides and radiation, therefore, it is completely eco- friendly and safe for human and pets. What is more, it works very quietly so you. You wont be annoyed by any background noise coming from the machine.

Last but not least, although being designed with energy-saving light, 80% than normal ones, it can last more than 100,000 hours to serve you. For the best result, the zapper should be used in a closed and darkened area and cleaned every 2 weeks


Save energy light up to 80%

360 degrees window to attract insects more effectively

Safe for humans and pets

Portable, easy to be charged with any devices by USB power supply

See the impact after 1 week using continuously

10. HUNTINGOOD Effective Electric insect killer, Mosquito zapper

The last product in this list is greatly practical, it is also manufactured by Hungtingo, you can hang it indoor and can stand in one place and easy when you want to move it. With the UV light and high vaulted operation. This zapper can attract and kill the bugs by electric shock. This is the top choice if you intend to buy eco- friendly, safe for everyone and pets. The shell is made from plastic.

There is no smell caused, no chemicals needed and it is not so dazzling therefore your kids and pets can be safe. Besides, convenient to clean and use. Just need to open the shell and remove the dead insects every 10 days if you like. Using the mosquito killer in the dark and before bedtime 2 or 3 hours in advance for the best result. If you are not satisfied with the Zapper you will be able to have a replacement free of charge and a full refund with no explanation required.

Product features

1-year warranty

Powerful and effective

Best result to use in the dark

portable and hangable

Completely safe for pets and kids


With a good mosquito killer, you can make the outdoor backyards become a safe and comfortable place for your family. Now having a barbecue party or a birthday night will be much more memorable and fun. Since the market is full of options and brands that are different in terms of features, prices, and other specifications, it is important to take into considerations important factors. With this buying guide, we hope you can learn more about the best products and make the right choice for your needs.

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