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Also known as a compass saw, a keyhole saw consists of a small pointed blade and handle, which is mostly made of wood or plastic. They are handy when it comes to punching through a drywall, wood or even a cement board. This means you can use them to create a slot for your socket among other things. Today’s keyhole saws are somewhat advanced, with a number of them featuring hardened teeth for lifetime performance. Also, a good number of them have ergonomically designed handles, implying that you will be able to work with them for an extended period of time without feeling tired. If you want to know more about these stunning cutting tools, we advise that you look at the following top 10 best keyhole saws in 2017 reviews.

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7. Milwaukee 6-Inches Jab Saw (48-22-0304)

Two major reasons why the 48-22-0304 Jab Saw is on this list is because; one, it is extremely easy to use and two, it is durable. In addition to this, it is the only jab saw or keyhole saw on today’s market to include rasping holes along the blade’s side, so it can enable you to efficiently expand holes/smooth rough edges of sheetrock after you have made the cut. The 6-inch blade increases durability, while the rubber over mold reduces slippage and increases comfort.

6. Shark 10-2206 Drywall Saw (Rockeater)

The 10-2206 drywall saw is the ultimate keyhole saw. This unit is powerful enough to the extent that it can cut a cement board. Ideally, it is specially designed for professionals; thanks to its diamond-ground teeth that ensure smooth cuts. The drywall saw also boasts a comfortable handle with a wrist strap for ultimate convenience. And its super sharp two-way cutting edge teeth are designed in such a way that they can easily pull and push both ways. The 10-2206 drywall saw is protected by a 1-year warranty for worry-free buying experience.

5. Stanley FatMax 17-205 12-Inch Compass Saw

Stanley manufacturing company is known for its quality products and the 17-205 12-Inch Compass Saw is not an exception. It has everything you need to deliver exemplary results. Among these things are heavy-duty screws that ensure secure blade to handle assembly. Also, there are heat-treated, triple-ground teeth that promote exceptional cutting performance. The saw’s premium steel blade provides greater strength for lifetime results. Ideally, this cutting tool is used for fine finish, hardwoods, and plywood. It’s solid, bi-material handle ensures increased comfort and durability.



4. Stanley Jab Saw with Wood Handle (15-206)

Designed specifically for creating cuts in plasterboards, the 15-206 keyhole saw is one of the best keyhole saws you’ll ever come across. Its powerful point is designed for plunge cuts, and its 6-inch blade is ferruled to the handle to bring out a connection. This cutting tool comes with a limited lifetime warranty for hassle-free buying experience. It can also make a great gift idea, especially for people who like to do DIY tasks.

3. DEWALT DWHT20123 2-in-1 Combo

Are you looking for a durable, convenient, and efficient cutting tool? Then look no further than DEWALT’s 2-in-1 Combo. Whether you want to cut drywall or plane edges, this cutting unit is the solution. It features triple ground teeth for rapid cutting, while its rasp blade is made of stainless steel and designed for material removal. This effective combo also features a locking mechanism that locks the blade in both close and open positions. Ideally, the two blades fold into the handle for easy, compact storage.

2. Stanley Jab Saw with Cushion Grip (15-556)

Getting a top quality keyhole saw should not be an arduous task, as Stanley now dedicates its time and resources to make sure the market has many different designs of keyhole saws. One of these cutting tools is the 15-556 Jab Saw that features a fully hardened, tempered blade, which is engineered for long cutting life. The teeth of the saw are crafted to prevent clogging by cutting fast, while the sharp tip makes plunge cuts effortless. This jab saw also boasts an ergonomically designed curved handle with cushioned grip for enhanced comfort.

1. Stanley 20-556 FatMax Jab Saw (6-Inch)-Best Keyhole Saws

Precision, strength, and durability, all in one unit called the 20-556 FatMax Jab Saw by Stanley. This keyhole saw boasts a 6-inch blade and a sharpened tip that punches through drywall with ease. In fact, the 20-556 model is designed to punch effectively through drywall, plastic work, and wood. Its slip-resistant handle not only promotes strength and durability but also brings in a precision grip, which in turn delivers an exceptional control. In other words, the Stanley 20-556 FatMax Jab Saw is crafted to meet high standards for performance and quality.

Keyhole saws are useful, especially to electricians and plumbers, among other handymen. They are versatile and, therefore, should not miss out in any household. These reviews highlight some of the best keyhole saws to make sure you get the best product. So, be sure to read them through in order to land that versatile keyhole saw with unmatched precision, durability, and performance. 

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