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When you step outside your home, you may need to cut various objects occasionally. Some objects can be cut or opened by hand but the same does not apply for every object. You may need to use a special kind of knife for the same. The keychain knives perform an important role in cutting sharp objects. They can be easily carried around due to its compact size. Their design is such that you can easily carry around a fully-functional type folding blade on the keychain. A wrong choice of keychain knife may bleed your fingers when used. Therefore, you need to make a careful selection when deciding to purchase the finest quality keychain knife. A high-quality keychain knife is capable to open the package of goods, cutting off the tags of packets, or securing your own against wild animals. To get the details of the finest keychain knives available currently, look at below products:

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15. Credit Card Tool Wallet Tool Tactical Multitools with 18 in 1 Pocket Tool Survival Card Tool,Folding Card Knife Wallet Knife,11 in 1 Multitool Card,Key Knife Keychain Knife,4 Type/Set Tactical Gadgets:

The keychain knife packed in form of 18 in 1 pocket tool can be used as the finest gift option. This is the gift option for tactical gear survival multi-tool kit. It comes with a grip that appropriately fits amongst your fingers. On the body of the knife, its blade is partially notched and possesses a fishing line cutter over the tip. The blade’s central part possesses a hex tool that can be widely used for tightening three different bolt sizes. Its design is made uniquely to fit conveniently inside a pocket like a credit card.



14. Swiss+Tech ST60300 Silver 7-in-1 Key Ring Multitool with LED Flashlight for Auto Safety, Outdoors, Camping:

The brand Swiss+Tech signifies a considerable leap in the field of micro-tool manufacturing. In this package, the 7-in-1 kitchen knives are compact in design and effortlessly transportable. These knives blend the art and innovation to develop a novel category of original consumer products i.e. the key ring tools. This multi-tool presents a wide range of handy tools suitable for your keychain. It includes Phillips screwdriver, LED flashlight, awl, knife, flat screwdriver, bottle opener, and key ring. Every tool would snap into appropriate position for enhancing the stability.


13. Swiss+Tech ST66676M2 Utility Key Multitools (6-in-1) for Keychain for Auto, Camping, Hardware – 2 Pack, Polished Stainless Steel:

With the help of these 2-pack multi-tools, you are able to accomplish many tasks. Its utility-key is capable to open packages, bottles, letters, and screws. On every tool, there is the presence of the polished stainless steel finish to enhance the durability. You will find multiple screwdrivers, containing Phillips screwdriver, a flat screwdriver, and micro-sized screwdriver. In addition to that, it also contains a bottle opener, serrated blade knife, and a straight blade knife.


12. Fixxxer Key Knife – Concealed Knife for Key-chain or Pocket With Safety Locking Feature:

What makes the Fixxxer keychain knife unique is its safety locking mechanism. With the help of this useful feature, it is assured that the knife would not close when it is in use. The product works as an excellent gift for people who often deal with packaging. There is the use of stainless steel material and the knife is shaped in form of a house key. It comes with the 1.5-inch hidden blade; when you need to quickly release and shut down the knife, simply press the button on top.


11. SOG Key Folding Knife KEY102-CP – 1.5″ Blade, Brass Stainless Steel Handle:

For enhancing the strength and durability, the SOG key folding knife are prepared from stainless steel material. Its edge is 1.5-inch straight edge and comes with the folding blade equipped in a drop point shape for ease of sharpening. The design of this knife presents a Lockback to offer extra security whenever the knife is used in the open position. Its key replica handle comes with the brass finish and is prepared from sturdy stainless steel material.


10. SOG Multitool Pliers and Hand Tools – “PowerLock EOD” B63N-CP 2x Power Pliers Compound Leverage Multi Tool with 18 Specialty Tools + EDC Multitool Sheath:

The pliers and hand tools present in the package of this product helps a lot while you are traveling. Its lock tools come with the power lock. With the help of 1-press power lock, it is possible to lock and release every tool. There is the presence of the EDC multitool sheath within the ballistic nylon. This arrangement helps you carry the multitool in an easy manner. Using the 2x power pliers, it is possible to cut and tighten with simplicity.



9. LEATHERMAN – Wingman Multitool, Stainless Steel:

The wingman multitool comes with excellent functionality and equipped with 14 different tools. Names of the tools included are a knife, screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, scissors, a wire stripper, bottle and can openers, a package opener, a ruler, and a file. These keychain knives are presented in compact and lightweight design. Furthermore, there is the presence of a removable pocket clip so that they are easily accessible.


8. Leatherman – Surge Multitool, Stainless Steel with Premium Nylon Sheath (FFP):

The surge multitools from Leatherman are always on hand. Due to its heavy-duty, excellent portability and lanyard ring, the surge is always available in reach. Basically, this surge is a spacious multi-tool with dimension 9″ long when it is opened. The size of the main blade is 3.5″ long. In this product package, you will find a can and bottle opener, scissors, interchangeably flat blade, Phillips screwdriver bits, and the typical fixed flat screwdriver tips.


7. Gerber Shard Keychain Tool – Silver [30-001501]:

The Gerber Shard keychain tool is available in the perfect size to carry wherever you want on a keychain. This product is lightweight in design and airline safe. On this keychain tool, there is the presence of the titanium nitride coating to resist rust. The package contains a tiny and medium flat driver, wire Stripper, Philips head driver, bottle opener, pry bar, and lanyard hole. Its case is fastened with the help of two hex head screws.


6. Swiss+Tech ST66676M2 Utility Key Multitools (6-in-1) for Keychain for Auto, Camping, Hardware – 2 Pack, Polished Stainless Steel:

The Utili-Key multitools from Swiss+Tech basically feature 6-in-1 functionality. These tools are durable, ultra-lightweight, and precision-crafted. The design highlights an erect knife blade and a saw-like cutting surface. You will get a flat screwdriver, a micro-sized screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver as well as a bottle opener. These tools are widely used to makes minor repairs, installations, and many other jobs.


5. Gerber GDC Zip Blade [31-001742]:

The GDC Zip Blade keychain knife is specially designed to be carried easily without any hassles. It is a lightweight but tough tool that comes with excellent durability. Its fine edge utility blade contains a fob for making a connection to the zipper of a seat bag, backpack, or coat. In this tool, there is the presence of the quick-release clip that enables easy removal of the tool. Its blade comes with a frame lock for security.



4. Guardman USA Flag Key Knife Patriotic Gifs Stocking Stuffers for Him:

This key knife from Guardman is prepared from stainless steel material to enhance the strength. When the tool is closed, the measurements of the keychain are 2.6″ x 0.5cm thick.

In the folded form, the key knife appears like an ordinary key. This product is best suited for the everyday uses due to its versatility and compact size. You can use it for camping or box cutting.


3. Guardman Black Key Knife Keychain Self Defense, Stocking Stuffers for Men for HIM:

This black colored key knife keychain tool is the ideal product that gets easily attached to your key ring. The dimensions of the tool are identical to that of a typical house key. There is no extra bulk on the key ring. You can use it for a variety of purposes like opening packages, box cutting, cleaning the fingernails and for many other daily uses.


2. Spring Assisted Knife – Pocket Folding Knife – Military Style – Boy Scouts Knife – Tactical Knife – Good for Camping, Hunting Survival Indoor and Outdoor Activities 6681 (Medium, Black):

This model of pocket folding knife is considered as the ideal tactical knife for different purposes like camping, hunting and fishing, military and army needs, DIY and outdoor activities, self-defense, survival, and emergencies. The design features black coated 440c stainless steel material that shows a good balance of rigidity and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the operation is streamlined without the need for sharpening. You are assured to get razor sharp cutting performance and excellent durability.


1. SOG Key Folding Knife KEY102-CP – 1.5″ Blade, Brass Stainless Steel Handle:

If you are looking for a small sized folding keychain knife, you can go for this product. It is one of the sharpest knives available on the market. Its brass colored design and stainless finish make it an excellent product. It comes with the 1.5-inch straight edge. Furthermore, its foldable blade comes in a drop point shape to effortlessly sharpen and quicken the task. This knife depicts a Lockback mechanism to provide extra security when the knife is utilized in its open position.

It becomes difficult when you do not have a sharp cutting tool for cutting or opening different things. When you use any of the discussed keychain knives, it is certain that you can handle them easily and can cut or open different objects in a hassle-free manner.

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