Top 10 Best Beach Tents in 2020

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Nothing is better than having fun at the beach, especially during summer holidays. The beach has a lot of fun and it’s a place that will inflict unforgettable, sweet memories in your mind. And it’s not just the beach that these beach tents are handy; you can also use them for camping, hiking, picnics and outings. All these outdoor activities are fun and offer the best way to spend your vacation. Nevertheless, it’s not a good idea to spend the entire day in the sun.

The UV light is harmful and can be devastating to your skin. As such, you need a quality beach tent umbrella whenever you go to have some fun at the beach. These umbrellas are designed to offer protection from the sun and even the rain. They are mostly made of waterproof materials that will keep you dry and relaxed all through. In this compilation, we bring you the following top 10 best beach tents in 2020 to make sure you get a premium quality product.  

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10. Sport-Brella Umbrella (X-Large)

Sport-Brella Umbrella (X-Large)

Sport-Brella extra large umbrella ensures you are safe and protected from the sun or rain when you are outdoor indulging in an adventure. It is spacious for maximum comfort and protection. Measuring 9 feet wide, this umbrella gives you the ultimate shelter to enjoy any fun or activity like football. Sport-Brella Umbrella (X-Large) is made of 210D polyester, which is durable and strong enough to withstand adverse weather conditions. It comes with an easy-to-carry bag for optimum portability. Use it to protect yourself and your family against UVA and UVB light.

9. Sport-Brella All-Weather Umbrella

Sport-Brella All-Weather Umbrella

This versatile all-weather umbrella will protect you from adverse weather conditions such as the sun and rain. It is made of rugged and durable 210D polyester for lifetime performance. Let the rain not stop you from enjoying football championships because Sport-Brella All-Weather Umbrella has a water-repellant structure that will keep you dry and relaxed throughout the game. It weighs only 9 pounds and comes with an easy-to-carry bag for convenience. It also has side zippered windows, which are for airflow and visibility.

8. Camco 42805 Handy Mat

Camco 42805 Handy Mat

Take this handy mat from Camco wherever you go. It has built-in handles and convenient pockets on both sides. Although it folds to a compact 10.5-by-15 inches for easy storage, this mat can fold out to 60-by-78 inches, which is large enough to comfortably accommodate up to 4 adults. It is perfect for picnics, RVing, beaches, and outings. Its durable polypropylene weave is not just weather proof but also is mildew and mold resistant. The fabric edging reinforces the blanket to prevent fraying.

7. Pacific Breeze XL Tent

Pacific Breeze XL Tent

Let the fun begin! This easy-to-set up tent is all you need to have an unforgettable moment along the beach. It is lightweight; weighing only over 6 pounds. It is also compact; can be folded to a travel size of 38 L X 6 W X 6 H. This beach tent offers protection from the sun, wind, and rain for all outdoor activities. It comes with 3 x-large windows for ventilation and provides UPF 50+ sun protection. Ideally, it is water-repellant to make sure you remain dry and relaxed during rain.

6. Shade Shack Beach Tent and Sun Shelter

Shade Shack Beach Tent and Sun Shelter

Don’t let harsh sun rays reach you. This beach tent is designed to protect you from the sun and even rain. It boasts a unique and innovative design that sets up and folds in seconds. It also has easy-to-use sand pockets on both sides, and it is extremely light for easy carry. Measuring 90-by-53-by-51 inches, the Shade Shack Beach Tent and Sun Shelter is large enough to comfortably accommodate the whole family. It has rear and side windows that open for a cool breeze or close for privacy.

5. Texsport Sun Shelter Canopy

Texsport Sun Shelter Canopy

A day at the beach is something unforgettable. However, a full day of UV rays can be deadly in the long-run. That’s why you need a sturdy shelter, which is perfect for long afternoons on the shore. Well, the Texsport Sun Shelter Canopy is made of heavy-duty polyurethane coated taffeta for maximum UV protection and optimum comfort. It features Calypso cabana that protects you on 3 sides and has a roof, which extends over the top as you lounge below. Don’t forget to carry it along when going to the beach.

4. Coleman Beach Shade

Coleman Beach Shade

Whether it’s during the day or at night, Coleman’s Beach Shade is the best. It protects against the harmful ultra-violet rays and offers an SPF 50+ sun protection. It has 4 hanging pockets inside where you can keep such things as water bottles, snacks, torch, and more. It also has 2 zippered doors which you can open to let in cool breeze, or close for privacy. This beach shade’s footprint measures 7.5-by-4.5 feet and its center height measures 57 inches. It comes with a carry bag, extra-long stakes, sandbags, and handy dry line, as well as a floor mat.

3. EasyGo Beach Umbrella

EasyGo Beach Umbrella

This beach umbrella is probably the quickest- and easiest-to-set-up beach umbrella in 2016. You are not required to assemble anything, as all you need to do is to pull the string to make the umbrella open to provide maximum shade and wind protection. The EasyGo Beach Umbrella can accommodate up to 4 persons. You can set it up anywhere; thanks to its design, which is made for maximum shade and minimum footprint.

2. Pacific Breeze Beach Tent (Easy Up)

Pacific Breeze Beach Tent (Easy Up)

The Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent comes with a carry case, stakes, and sand pockets for easy portability and effectiveness. It is backed by a 1-year warranty for 100-percent satisfaction. The tent measures 87 inches long by 47 inches high by 49 inches deep; hence, it’s spacious enough to comfortably accommodate the whole family. It has internal pockets, which are ideal for storing personal items. Its durable and lightweight fiberglass frame and water-resistant PE floor makes it a perfect outdoor accessory.

1. Mountaintop 2 Person Tent-best beach tents in 2020

Mountaintop 2 Person Tent-best beach tents in 2016

Use mountaintop 2-person tent for camping, traveling, hiking, and any other fun activity. It is made of a waterproof 68D polyester material with PU1500mm for layers. It is also made of 150D polyester featuring PU2000mm for floor. It is extremely quick and easy to set up as well as take down. Other than being waterproof, the durable polyester is moisture-proof, breathable and resistant to tear. The tent comes with a 90-day limited warranty for 100-percent customer satisfaction.

Whether you have a small family or big ones, these beach tents will suit you best. They are faulty and will be of great help in every aspect. Since they are made of durable materials, expect these tents to offer a lifetime performance. Moreover, the materials are waterproof to make sure you are dry and relaxed throughout the day. And the fact that they protect you from UVA and UVB light means you’ll stay safe at the beach without having to worry of anything. Enjoy a football championship or have great time at the beach with these quality beach tents.  

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